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Screwdrivers have become one of the most ubiquitous handheld tools around the world, an easy-to-use, and functional tool that enables any person to loosen or fasten devices in and around their home. Today it would be nearly impossible to find a household that doesn’t own at least one type of screwdriver.

Considering the simplicity of these tools, it’s hard to imagine that they’ve been around longer than the existence of the United States, with the first-known descendant of the flat-bladed bit screwdriver dating back as far as 1750.

Back then, screwdrivers found themselves primarily in carpentry workshops, only to become more widely used during the height of the industrial revolution, when new types of metal screws were being mass-produced as part of the mechanization of the global economy.

By the 1850s, screwdrivers were found in the toolboxes of nearly every construction worker, machine operator, farmer, or warehouse worker. 

As machines became more commonplace within the fast-developing industrial economy, screwdrivers became a universal tool that is now used by nearly every person around the world.

A New Era: PKEY Mini Electric Screwdriver

As with anything in our rapidly growing technological world, screwdrivers continue to develop, undergoing a massive digital transformation as the need for more efficient and high-quality materials continue to grow.

The handy PKEY mini electric screwdriver is in a class of its own, adopting a reasonable 230r/min speed, and providing an excessive amount of torque for such a small device. The cordless handheld device has a 1500mAh large-capacity battery that fully charges within three hours

For such a small tool, it delivers a large amount of power and can be used on large equipment including small to medium-sized kitchen appliances, and electronic items such as CCTV cameras, computers, and printers. Other possible uses are bicycles, door handles and light switches, and door locks.

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The slim design of the PKEY electric screwdriver ensures that users can have improved handling when operating, and the compact case that features several screw bits can fit easily into your car or any cupboard.

With a plethora of uses, the electric screwdriver comes with 10 different screw bits, which thankfully is magnetic, making it easier and more seamless to change screw bits when needed.

Is The PKEY Electric Screwdriver Better?

Compared to traditional screwdrivers, and even other electric options available on the market, PKEY comes with a unique set of bells and whistles that have been meticulously curated for its direct purpose.

The professional handheld device ensures that users can efficiently, and more comfortably complete tasks, without having to rely on several different-sized screwdrivers.

There are some instances where electric screwdrivers are only operational when switched on. The PKEY electric screwdriver is fitted with dual-mode purpose and supports both manual torque and electric mode. Additionally, there are two screw settings, both a forward and reverse, which can easily be transfigured with the flip of a switch.

In terms of compatibility and user-friendliness, the cordless electric unit is roughly 1.1” in diameter and 6.0” in length.

For less experienced users, the PKEY device comes automatically fitted with an electronic brake function. This enables users to start and stop the operation of the device to prevent over-tightening. Having this function can help to prolong the longevity of the device, and protects the physical screwdriver shaft and screw bits.

While there may be bigger, more elaborate electric screwdrivers available on the market, that works just as well; the PKEY electric screwdriver is a user-friendly and efficient handheld device, suited for both professionals and ordinary users.

Final Words

The put is simply, the PKEY electric screwdriver works, and it gets the job done. It’s especially compatible with small and large projects and is a reliant professional tool that can be used by just about any person.

One slight drawback is its size. While compact and relatively versatile, the PKEY might not be the right fit for any person who is used to bigger and bulkier handheld professional devices.

However, for the person, or worker that requires a sturdy, comfortable, and very reliable electric screwdriver that can get the job done without any hassles, the PKEY electric screwdriver is a suitable choice at an attractive price too.

Disclosure: The company was kind enough to send me a free unit in return for an honest review.

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