BlackBerry Seeks Partner In Battle With Apple, IBM

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BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) has apparently taken the new partnership between Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) very seriously. Management for the Canadian smartphone maker said they are looking for a partnership with other technology companies that would help it better compete with the Apple – IBM union.

BlackBerry focuses on enterprise

When CEO John Chen took the helm at BlackBerry, he emphasized that they would return to their roots: enterprise customers. Then Apple partnered with IBM, and investors began to worry that his strategy wouldn’t enable BlackBerry to stand up to the two already-powerful companies. Now the Financial Times reports that BlackBerry has been in early talks with companies about a partnership to target the enterprise market.

Apple’s partnership with IBM meant IBM would load up Apple’s iPads and iPhones with business-focused apps and sell them. Shares of BlackBerry slumped after that partnership was announced, and analysts said the partnership was directly aimed at squashing BlackBerry’s new strategy before it even got off the ground.

BlackBerry jokes about partnership

IBM has planned to include over 100 apps that specifically target various industries, including healthcare, transportation, telecommunications, banking, retail and travel. The company has said security would be the main focus of those new apps.

BlackBerry management has repeatedly touted the company’s security. CEO Chen jokingly said the partnership between Apple and IBM is like when “two elephants start dancing.” He expressed doubt that the partnership would work because both behemoths are used to being the one in charge.

BlackBerry not afraid of competition

The executive added that the two companies are demonstrating how important the enterprise market is but that they are offering “good competition.” He also said that BlackBerry is “going to be more nimble,” thus making it easier to work with compared to giants Apple and IBM. Chen also said they are currently working on partnerships and collaborations. He said they would be focusing on security and identity management and be a “solid partner” in the enterprise market.

According to Chen, BlackBerry is no more in danger because it has nearly finished its restructuring efforts. Indeed, data suggests that the company is starting to regain a foothold in the corporate world.

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