Apple’s WWDC 2017: Live Stream, Starting Time, Product Launch List

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With just a few days to go until Apple opens the doors on WWDC 2017, its Worldwide Developers Conference. Here’s one last chance to find out everything you need to know about the upcoming event. That’s including, the dates, time, where it’s being held at, plus how to watch it. And of course what you could expect to see, what is going to be launched, which of course is the most exciting part.

WWDC 2017 Venue And Start Time

Monday’s event if you didn’t already know, is being held at the McEnery Convention Center, which is San Jose California. For reasons unknown, Apple decided to move it there from the usual Spaceship Campus. As for the time of the event, doors will open on Monday, June 5 at 10 am Pacific time, and will close at midnight on Friday, June 9.

If you were one of the lucky lottery drawee’s, that meant you’re a consumer, engineer, or a developer who has had to pay $1599 for the privilege. But, at least you will be there to see the keynote address, live and everything else that happens.

But, what about everyone else, who either chose not to apply for a ticket or just weren’t lucky in the draw., how can you watch?

Live Stream

Fortunately, if you didn’t get a ticket, there’s still a way in which you can watch WWDC 2017. If you’re an Apple user with an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Mac, and Apple TV. Or you have managed to download the WWDC 2017 application; you can still see the keynote address and everything else via the Apple Developer Website.

As for when this live stream starts, it’s expected to be at the same time as the even so 10 am Pacific time, which is 5 pm in the UK.

Now when it comes to what Apple will launch at WWDC 2017, it has always has kept everything close to its chest. As such, we can not accurately predict what will be revealed. However, enough rumor and insider information is doing the rounds to mean there will be some surprises. So, here are our predictions for the event.

Siri Speaker

One of, if not the most hotly anticipated products that could be announced at next weeks event is the Siri Speaker. What is it? Think Amazon Echo, or Google Home on steroids, according to recent reports Apple has been working on the device for two years. And it could be revealed at WWDC 2017, to a public that is crying out for a smart home device that’s more than a gimmick. Could Apple be about to answer those calls, it’s possible.

Rumored features of the device, include a facial recognition system, which will tailor the device’s services to individuals. Plus a camera, which will be used by facial recognition, but also, feature security features aimed at informing a user when anything untoward happens at home. Other expected features, are the streaming of audio via Apple Music, the answering of questions, the reading aloud of emails, texts, and tweets. Plus much more, which you can find out here.

Mac OS 10.13

When it comes to a MacOS update, we’re almost sure that Apple will unveil MacOS 10.13. Although, there is some doubt about the version number, with rumors suggesting Apple may stray away from its naming convention. What do we think? We expect the next update to be called MacOS 10.13; we don’t think Apple will complicate matters.

As for what some rumors mongers are calling it, that’s MacOS 11; however, with some predicting a fruit based name. Why are we so certain of our prediction? That’s because Apple is usually quite predictable when it comes to MacOS, so we’re comfortable with this WWDC 2017 prediction.

iOS 11

Are there any doubts that we will at least hear something about iOS 11 at WWDC 2017? No, in fact, other than MacOS, it’s the only other dead cert for an appearance. Having said that, what we will see is probably nothing more than a preview. As, we expect Apple to launch the mobile OS alongside a future iPhone 8 in September.

If you’re wondering what could be new in iOS 11, maybe a revolution in customization, meaning users will be able to do more. As for structural differences between it and iOS 10, new features such as Facetime Group calls, guest and dark modes and more are predicted. Plus, there’s talk of a much improved Apple Pay, HomeKit, and health apps.

You can read about our complete predictions for iOS 11 here.

New iPad Pro 2

Another piece of hardware at what is predominately a software event could be the iPad Pro 2. If the rumors are accurate, it will be more of a major redevelopment of the tablet than was seen earlier.

To back this up, recently KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo spoke about the device. He suggested that there was a 70-percent chance it will show up at WWDC 2017 alongside other devices. As for what is known about it, we are aware it has a large 10.5-inch display. Plus a bigger battery with an extended lifespan, and an improved Apple Pencil. And then finally, to give it a much-needed performance boost there’s the A10X chipset.

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro has not made an appearance at recent WWDC events. However, could the MacBook Pro 2013, along with MacBook Air, maybe, all three models appear at WWDC 2017?

According to recent reports an Analyst insights, that could well happen. However, the focus of recent rumor has been on the MacBook Pro, and that it could be but a minor update. No design changes are expected, just interior specifications are to be updated. What will these spec upgrades be?

Apparently, Apple will bring the Pro up to speed with the latest 7th-gen Intel chip known as Kaby Lake. Additionally, rumors suggest, an improvement in SSD storage capacity and speed is likely. As is, an increase in RAM speed and size, with the amount of onboard RAM being upgraded from 16GB to 32GB.

You can find out more about the New MacBook Pro here.

WatchOS 4

In 2016, the Apple Watch Series 2, was announced at the WWDC with watchOS 3. Both have since gone on to prove they were worthy successors to what came before them. How?Apple recently revealed that sales of its smartwatch had doubled, meaning an Apple Watch Series 3 is very likely. And it is almost certain that at WWDC 2017 we will see something of watchOS 4.

As for what could be new for the OS, new watch faces, and apps. Plus a new dock, new sharing, navigation, and performance enhancements are expected. Additionally, due to certain purchases, Apple has made over the past year, we expect a move towards health tracking, in particular, sleep, blood pressure and more.

The problem here, however, is that nothing can be verified, due to Apple keeping information at a need to know basis. But, as alway’s if we discover anything new before the big event, we will let you know. In the meantime, if you are going to be attending, lucky you! However, if you can’t, bookmark this page or save the link to the live stream.

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