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Android’s MyDroid System App Displays All Device Info

How much do you know about the shining Android device that you are holding right now? When purchasing a phone or tablet, we mostly take into account technical specs that are easy to understand like the CPU, GPU, RAM, internal memory, card slot, camera, battery and so on, but what about the advanced parts? Apart from the common tech specs, there are many things that we wish would have known prior to purchasing a device, and an Android app known as MyDroid System Info is just what we need in such a case.

We’ve previously covered CPU-Z for Android, and this app that we’re going to look at can be considered as an alternative to CPU-Z, but better in some regards as it presents a detailed account of your entire Android device that CPU-Z doesn’t offer.


When you launch MyDroid System Info, you can see that it has a very simple and clean interface. The light colors are just perfect for this type of app. The depth of hardware details this app provides is pretty surprising. It displays information related to device and OS overview, display, storage, camera, logs (logcat) and more. The app can also monitor system resources like CPU, RAM, battery, storage and network.


The sensor monitor section displays real time environmental, motion and positional sensors. As you can see from the screenshots, this app provides a comprehensive look at the Android device, perfect for those who want to know all the ins and outs of their device. If you install this on a device that you’re testing out in the mobile shop, then you won’t even need to call the salesman to ask any question about the device, as the app will tell you everything!


Please note that this app is in Beta right now, which means there might be some bugs. The developer has requested users to contact him in case of any bugs or feedback. The app is compatible with Android 3.0 and above. Get it from the link below.

Download MyDroid System Info from Google Play Store

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