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CPU-Z for Android Shows Detailed SoC, RAM, Storage, Battery, Sensor

CPU-Z has always been a very popular tool to get detailed information on a PC’s processor, motherboard, RAM, graphics and more. This small and nifty tool has remained a must-have for PC enthusiast or gamers. Well, now the same tool has come to Android platform, and while though it’s still in beta, it can show you detailed information on every small part of your Android smartphone or tablet. Just like its desktop counterpart, the mobile app also sports a simple UI that shows detailed system information on your SoC, system, battery, sensors and more, in a simple tabbed interface.

The SoC (System on Chip) displays detailed CPU and GPU information like clock SoC name, cores, architecture, speed, GPU vendor and renderer. The System tab displays model, manufacturer, board, hardware, Android version, screen resolution, available RAM, internal storage and available storage.


CPU-Z also comes with a battery tab which shows the health of the battery, charging level, power source, status, technology, temperature and voltage. This information can be helpful for those who want to try out different battery optimization techniques, or simply want to get more information about their battery.

Lastly, there’s the sensor tab which shows how many and which sensors your phone is equipped with, such as accelerometer, gyroscope, thermal sensor and more. What’s interesting is that all this information displayed is real time, which means it reflects your device’s current condition.


For sure, this is one of the best Android apps out there that shows you detailed information for your Android phone or tablet. You can also send this detailed report (manually) to an app developer so that he can get an idea about how your device your functioning and find out the root cause of any problem. Get it from the link below.

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