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America’s Top 10 most sinful cities of 2019: Las Vegas tops

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Every individual, community, and city has some vices. But the vices are not distributed evenly. And measuring sins across cities could be a challenging task. Personal finance website WalletHub has conducted a study to identify the most sinful cities in America. Almost every city in the US is filled with people behaving illicitly.

Hatred, violence, crime, drugs, smoking, gambling – there are an endless number of sins that prove costly not only to the affected individual but also the society at large. According to WalletHub, smoking leads to more than $300 billion in losses for the US consumers every year. Gambling causes an estimated loss of over $100 billion to American consumers every year.

To identify the most sinful cities in America, WalletHub compared more than 180 US cities across 39 key indicators of evil deeds. The data set ranges from excessive drinking, adult entertainment establishments per capita, violent crimes per capita, and more. And then they organized the 39 key indicators across seven key dimensions: Anger & hatred, jealousy, excesses & vices, greed, lust, vanity, and laziness.

If you are wondering which are the least sinful cities in America, that title goes to the Pearl City of Hawaii and South Burlington in Vermont. Now let’s take a look at America’s most sinful cities of 2019.

10- Denver, CO

With a score of 50.86 on the WalletHub Vice Index, Denver has been named the 10th most sinful city in the US. It ranked 8th for lust and 16th for vanity. Denver is among the fastest-growing and hardest-working cities in the US.

9- Miami, FL

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Miami ranks 7th for jealousy, 7th for vanity, and 4th for laziness. It received a score of 51.07 on the WalletHub Vice Index. Thanks to its beautiful beaches and unique culture, Miami attracts millions of tourists every year.

8- New York, NY

Big Apple has been named the 8th most sinful city in the country. It received a score of 51.50. New York ranks near the bottom in terms of jealousy and excesses & vices. But it was ranked 2nd for lust, 3rd for vanity, and 31st for laziness. New Yorkers consumed 77.44 metric tons of cannabis in 2018, the highest in the world.

7- Chicago, IL

Chicago consumed a staggering 24.54 metric tons of weed last year, only behind New York and Los Angeles. It has also been named the rattiest city in America for five consecutive years. Chicago ranked 5th for lust and 6th for vanity. WalletHub gave it a score of 52.18.

6- Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is also one of the rattiest cities of the country. But that’s not the reason it has become a sinful city. It ranks 8th for anger & hatred, 6th for lust, and 20th for excesses & vices. It scored 52.62 on the WalletHub Vice Index.

5- Atlanta, GA

Atlanta has grown into a major corporate hub, attracting millennial job-seekers from across the country. It ranked 1st for jealousy, 4th for lust, and 9th for vanity. According to WalletHub, Atlanta ties with Las Vegas and Portland for the highest number of adult entertainment establishments per capita.

4- Houston, TX

Houston received a score of 53.87 on the WalletHub Vice Index. The city ranked 3rd for lust and 5th for vanity. Houston is known for its diverse food and restaurant culture.

3- St Louis, MO

St Louis has the most violent crimes per capita, which explains why it landed near the top of the ranking with a score of 56.17. St Louis ranked 1st for anger & hatred, 1st for excesses & vices, and 20th for lust.

2- Los Angeles, CA

With a score of 56.50, Los Angeles is the second-most sinful city in the US. Cannabis consumption in Los Angeles topped 36 metric tons last year. The city of glitz and glamor ranked 1st in lust and vanity categories. Los Angeles has the 5th most adult entertainment establishments and tanning salons per capita.

1- Las Vegas, NV

The ‘Sin City’ of America has been named the most sinful city of 2019. Surprisingly, Las Vegas is not ranked 1st in any of the seven categories. But its consistent performance across all categories puts it at the top with a score of 60.80. Las Vegas has the most adult entertainment establishments and tanning salons per capita.

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