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Baseball Rules – The Essence Of The Game, Field Features

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Baseball Rules – The Essence Of The Game, Field Features, What Is Used For Baseball, Which Players Are Involved?

Thanks to the cinema, the whole world knows that one of the most beloved games of Americans is baseball. Many have even seen the contest more than once, but the rules of baseball for most ordinary people remain unknown. Although the essence of the sport is simple and clear, it has a large number of subtleties and nuances. Mattinglybaseball gives you tips and reviews for choosing the best baseball equipments.

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The essence of baseball

According to statistics, baseball is one of the three most beloved sports games of Americans. A popular sport in other countries. It is believed that it arose on the basis of English competitions under the name rounds, and the name itself came from two words: base - base and ball - ball. The first official match took place at the beginning of the 19th century in New York. The modern baseball game is a team sports competition with a bat and a ball.

Baseball rules may seem complicated and confusing for a beginner, but after watching a few matches everything becomes very clear. The essence of the competition is that the two teams are fighting for points. Whoever has more of them wins. The attacking team tries to successfully hit the ball and run faster through special “bases” to the “house”, only then it gets a point. The defender does everything possible to prevent her from doing this.

Baseball rules regarding the field

Baseball rules for “dummies” are explained from the very beginning, that is, by determining the size of the field and the values ​​of all the markings:

A baseball field is a sector whose rays are located at right angles to each other.

These rays divide all space into an internal field or infield, and the external field is outfield.

The internal field is a square or rhombus, the sides of which are 27.45 m.

According to the rules, special areas are located on the corners of the internal field. One of them is called the "house", and steel ones are the "bases", which are numbered from the "house" counterclockwise.

In the middle of the inner field, there is a special circle from which the ball is brought into the game.

From the house along the sides of the internal field and the stands two fall lines diverge. If the ball flies for them, then the offside position is announced.

What do you need to play baseball?

A game requires a certain inventory, without which a match is impossible:

One of the most important items is a baseball. Its diameter does not exceed 23.5 mm. The basis is cork and rubber. Outside, it is trimmed with genuine leather stitched with red wool thread.

According to the rules, the defenders have special gloves-traps, worn on the arm. They are made from different materials, but more often from pressed leather. Athletes at the bases are larger in size than the cutter. Gloves protect the baseball player’s hand from injury because the ball to be caught flies at a speed of more than 100 km / h.

Another essential accessory is a bit. Professional bits are made exclusively of wood, while amateur bits are made of aluminum.

Baseball rules require that the catcher have protective equipment. It is a helmet with a metal mesh that protects the face, knee pads, and a bib.

Baseball players

According to the rules of the competition, a baseball team consists of 9, less often 10 people. At the defense, they are all on the field:

Pincher is an athlete serving the ball and helping to defend all bases.

Catcher is a baseball player who takes the ball if the batter has failed.

Base defenders catch a bounced throw on their territory, defend the base and insure the house.

Short-stop - an athlete taking a bounced throw between 2 and 3 bases, protects the 2nd base and insures 2 and 3.

Left, right and central outfielders catch the throws missed by the defenders and give them outs.

The attack is played by four people. A coach can change a baseball player, but then this athlete will not enter the field. In an attack, athletes are called:

Batter or batter. This is a baseball player with a bat, who must hit the pitch, go to base or let it run.

Running. According to the rules, this is a former batter whose task is to run through all the bases to the house, bringing the team a point.

Baseball rules

Highlights on how to play baseball a novice athlete should know:

Two teams of nine people each take turns in defense and attack. First offensive guests, then the home team.

According to the rules, in one inning the team plays both in defense and in the attack. In total, only nine innings are provided for the match, with a draw their number increases.

Pincher performs the feed, which the butter tries to beat off correctly. The task of the pinscher is to file according to all the rules so that the batter does not cope with his role.

If the batter fought off correctly, then he immediately runs away from home to the bases, trying to bring his team a point. The defenders in every way interfere with him, not breaking the rules, but catching a repelled throw and touching certain positions on the field.

How to serve in baseball?

There are strict rules of baseball rules for serving the ball:

The right position. The legs are shoulder-width apart, the knees are slightly bent, the body is relaxed, the hips and shoulders are in line.

Correct ball grab. The index and middle fingers are located on the top, the thumb is on the bottom, the ring and little fingers support from the side. In a perfect grip, the fingers touch all seams.

American baseball rules require a strong and accurate throw with a lunge in the legs and body.

Serving is performed at a certain speed, which the pinscher can vary, strictly in the direction of the location of the house, but not in the batter. Professionals serve twisted throws, which are very difficult to beat.

Baseball Jogging

In addition to the confrontation between pinscher and attacking athletes, it is necessary to capture a base in baseball. All four attackers are located at the bases (one of which is called the home). They are soft pillows measuring 30 by 30 cm in the corners of the internal field:

When the batter gains the right to escape, he is sent to the first base, and the rest of the attackers further.

The base is considered occupied if the player touched it with a hand.

Forwards may try to occupy a neighboring base at other times, however, they can be sent out by defenders by completing a throw or by touching under certain conditions.

Baseball rules regarding refereeing

Outlining the rules of baseball briefly, refereeing is also worth mentioning. There are four referees or amperes on the field; they are located in the internal field and record the correct behavior of the baseball players of both teams. When making a disputed decision, judges have the right to consult. Disputes with judges end with the removal of athletes from the field. Referees may also remove managers located in the playing area. For productive refereeing, the rules developed a special system of gestures that indicate a particular state of affairs in the game.

Baseball terms

The basic rules of a baseball game with many specific terms have been described above. However, this sports competition has many nuances.

There are other concepts in it:

Bol is the pitch thrown by the server outside the zone of impact and not beaten off by the striker.

Ground-out, the battery drops out if the defenders delivered the ball to first base before he reached it.

Double - a blow after which the batter managed to reach second base.

Inside Run Home Run Park - a hit in which the ball did not go out of bounds, but the batter ran through all four bases and earned a point.

Salting is the occupation of the base by the attacker by touching any part of the body. It may be the athlete himself if the defender touched him.

Triple - hit, after which the batter managed to reach third base.

Force play - the rules require the player to run to the next base with a certain set of things.

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