Amazon’s Tangle Free Ear-Buds Are Cheaper, Better Than Apple’s

Updated on, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) came out with fresh along with its Fire phone that are marginally below Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s ear buds price and tangle- free. The earphones from Amazon are black in color and are around $5 cheaper than the Apple $30 product.  The largest online retailer will sell its headphones separately from the Fire phone just like Apple EarPods.

Amazon ear buds superior to Apple

There are many higher-end headphones for the passionate music lovers. However, bit casual listeners will not shell out huge chunk of money and would instead go for cheap in-ear solutions from Amazon. The online retailer’s headphones are clearly winning on the design front, when compared to Apple, says a report from Business Insider.

The only and significant difference between both the headphones is tangle-free design and cheaper price point, giving Amazon an edge over others.

Users have a tendency to keep the earphones in pocket not caring if they get tangled, but process of untangling is a frustrating process especially in public.  Amazon has recognized the problem of untangling and launched ear buds that take care of the problem. Earphones from the company are easy to be untangled even when heaved in the pocket carelessly. Although the changes are minor, but they do matter to the customers, when it comes to choice.

Almost identical ear buds                                

Both the headphones look almost identical, featuring, front, rear and bass vents, except the primary acoustic outlet in the EarPods, which is marginally larger than in the Fire headphones. Both Apple and Amazon headphones are comfortable in the ear and have ergonomic design that feels natural. Also, the sound quality for both the ear buds is almost same, and both the companies have given superb bass performance for such a price range. The buyer of anyone of the two will go satisfied with his purchase, says the report.

Amazon Fire Headphone, as well as Apple Inc.’s ear piece, have microphone and multi -function buttons to control music and phone calls. However, it is intentional or not, Fire headphones does not support all functions for iPhone except play/pause, and same is the case for EarPods with the Fire phone.

Amazon Fire is the first smartphone from the company starting at $199.99 with AT&T.

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