Citadel’s Ken Griffin Files For Divorce

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Towards the end of the day on Wednesday, Citadel LLC’s founder, the largest hedge fund in Chicago, Ken Griffin filed for divorce from his wife Anne Dias Griffin. Ken Griffin who is the 270th richest man in the world according to Forbes with an estimated net of worth of $5.2 billion founded Citadel LLC in 2007 and the fund currently has $20 billion under management.

Ms. Griffin is the founder of Aragon Global Management, a smaller-value hedge fund, and has never worked for Citadel despite many suggestions to the contrary. Due to the vast wealth of the two, the divorce is certain to be talked about and already appears as though it may be an acrimonious affair.

The lawyers speak on Ken Griffin’s divorce filing

“Ken Griffin unilaterally filed a divorce petition today with no notice to either me or my client, knowing full well that she had just left for summer vacation with their three young children and would therefore be unable to respond. Anne’s highest priority remains her family, especially the well being of her children. She is hopeful that this personal matter can be resolved privately and in the best interests of her children. We have no further comment at this time,” said Ms. Griffin’s attorney, Robert Stephan Cohen, in a statement.

“A petition for dissolution was filed on his behalf today,” his attorneys at Berger Schatz in Chicago said in a statement. “This is a personal matter, and the family asks for privacy as they work through this process and focus on the well-being of their children.”

The couple is a big part of the city’s philanthropic and cultural scene having donated $19 million to the Art Institute of Chicago in 2006. Additionally, they co-sponsored the Griffin Early Childhood Center charter school and have contributed to numerous other nonprofit organizations and charities.

Political problems between them?

On the surface, the divorce almost looks like a political matter between the two. They both supported Barack Obama in his first run for the presidency and Ken Griffin is was also a supporter of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel but has since chided him for his failure to curb crime, expand education, and resolve the city’s underfunded pensions.

Ms. Griffin recently started a for-profit (online) media company called Reboot Illinois that has conservative leanings. The website recently supported Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s pension reform bill after her husband criticized it just months prior.

While there is certainly a prenuptial agreement in place, expect more fireworks as the couple finalizes their divorce given their high-profile in the city.


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