WatchOS 6 Will Bring Hot New Features To Apple Watch Series 5

WatchOS 6 Will Bring Hot New Features To Apple Watch Series 5
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WatchOS 6 was unveiled at the WWDC by Apple this week. The new OS features will make the Apple Watch Series 5 much more user friendly.

WatchOS 6 Will Pack A Lot Of Punch

The announcement of WatchOS 6 was not a surprise to Apple fans, as the tech world has been buzzing over what it might include for several months now. The new OS was expected to be much more user friendly, and it appears that Apple intends to follow through in that regard. There will most likely be many more apps available than in the past, as this version will come with 3 new Apple apps right from the box. The apps are Voice Memos, Apple Books, and the Calculator. The Voice Memos app will make it easy to track important appointments, while the Apple Books app will let you listen to audiobooks on your Apple Watch Series 5.

More Developer Friendly Interface

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Apple’s WatchOS 6 will also be more accessible to third party developers. Through the use of the new Swift development tools, developers will find it somewhat easier to build and scale apps for the Apple Watch Series 5 than on previous devices. The company also announced that there will soon be a dedicated App Store for the Apple Watch, which may aid in boosting developer involvement for the devices.

Style & Function Boosted

Apple WatchOS 6 will be much more stylish with it selectable watch face feature. Users can customize their device with brand new faces that will make each device as unique as its owner. The selectable faces not only add style, but also functionality to the watch, as users can easily set which apps they want to be displayed. A single tap on the screen can allow access to weather forecasts, Voice Memo recording, current cell signal strength and much more. The ability of the watch to provide audio cues related to the current time is another useful feature. It can be set to chime on the hour, run silently, and when you touch 2 fingers to the screen, it will read the time out loud. The Apple Watch Series 5 will come packed with all of these features and much more.

Apple Watch Series 5 – Better Audio

The ability to speak and control your Apple Watch with your voice has been a feature consumers love about the wearable device. The Apple Watch Series 5 will most likely have an upgraded microphone set, thanks to some new features in WatchOS 6. Part of the hype around the new WatchOS is that it will help users more closely monitor their health. One of the features included in the upgrade is that the OS will be constantly monitoring the ambient noise around you. It will record how often you are surrounded by ambient noise that is above 90db. The World Health Organization recommends that humans do not spend more than 4 hours on a weekly basis surrounded by noise above 90db, and Apple will now help you track that. This means that the microphones in the Apple Watch Series 5 will most likely be much more sensitive than previous versions. The speakers will also be getting a makeover on the new device, giving a much more pleasing audio experience.

Improved Siri Capabilities

The audio features will also extend to the use of Siri in WatchOS 6. Now, you will be able to get the information on a new song you like by simply asking Siri what it is. Apple has linked Siri and Shazam to help provide the information, giving your music listening experience a complete makeover on the Apple Watch Series 5. Asking Siri a question has never been easier, with the most relevant web results being displayed directly on your watch face. This puts all the information you need on any given topic right at your fingertips.

Independent Device

WatchOS 6 brings a large number of new features in with it. The Apple Watch Series 5 is sure to be a revolutionary new device as well. With the announcement of the stand alone app store for Apple Watch, it could be possible that the Cupertino company plans to launch an LTE version of the device in its next release. While there have been no statements from Apple to confirm such a move, it is highly possible that the next gen Apple Watch will function independently of any other devices. The Apple Watch Series 5 will be able to track your exercise habits, monitor your heart rate and other important statistics, and help you stay healthy. It is even possible in the future that Apple Watch would be able to make emergency phone calls of its own accord if it detects something seriously wrong with its owner. The possibilities are endless in terms of what technology can do in this area. For now, we will have to wait and see.

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