Apple Watch Series 5 Release Date, Specs, Rumors And News

25 Jun, 2019 UPDATE: The Apple Watch 4 is a big hit, thanks to the new health features that come with it. Now all eyes are on the next iteration, the Apple Watch 5. As of now nothing is known officially known about the watch, including its existence. The lack of information about the next watch, which could be just months away from release, must not come as a surprise because Apple rarely talks about its upcoming products until it announces them onstage.

Like always, we will have to depend on rumors, leaks and reports to learn about the Apple Watch 5. The most believable rumor about the next-gen watch is that it will be an independent device, meaning users won’t need an iPhone to operate their Apple Watch.

Users will be able to download apps directly from the watch-specific app store and delete apps directly from the watch. Currently, users are able to delete only third-party apps. However, with the upcoming watch, users could get full control over the functions they don’t want on the device.

This would come as good news for those who are interested in owning an Apple Watch but don’t have or want to buy an iPhone. Such functionality would mean more users would benefit from the health features, especially when there are reports about Apple adding more health features in the Apple Watch 5.

According to the reports, the Apple Watch 5 will enable women to track their menstrual cycles and assist with conception. Apple is also expected to debut a Noise app that will warn users when they are exposed to harmful decibel levels.

According to the recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO), people should avoid noises that are greater than 85dB. The health agency also suggests that people should not expose themselves to the noises of chainsaws, heavy traffic, concerts, sports crowds and more on a regular basis.

Since most people don’t listen to such advice, a device to remind them to stay away from harmful noises could prove very useful in the long run. If the next Apple Watch does have such a feature, it will likely use an improved mic to measure the intensity of sounds. There have already been concerns that such a device with an improved mic could pose a threat to privacy and be used for spying on people. However, as long as the device does not record any sound, it should not be a concern.

The Apple Watch could continue to offer ECG functions, and rumors suggest the watch could also get the ability to determine one’s blood pressure. Other rumored health features include sleep tracking, meditation tracking and a food-tracking feature.

In addition to health features, Apple will reportedly aim to make the watch a useful productivity tool. To achieve this, several functions such as a calculator, Apple Books and even voice memos could be made available. Further, Apple will reportedly improve current productivity tools such as the camera remote, radio, timer and alarm.

In terms of design, Apple is not expected to experiment much. The company overhauled the design of the watch with the Series 4, the first major change to the design since the original Apple Watch. Although the existing bands still fit, the face of the Series 4 watch is marginally bigger, and the bezel around the display is smaller. Thus, we don’t expect Apple to change the design much from Series 4 to Series 5.

As far as the release date, Apple has revealed every new watch during its September iPhone event. Except for the first Apple Watch, every new watch has been shipped in September as well. Apple can be expected to follow a similar release schedule this year.

In terms of price, Apple not has been following any real trend. The original Apple Watch started at $349, while the Series 2 and Series 3 came with starting price tags of $249 and $369, respectively.  Then the Series 4 hit the market with a price tag of $329, while the latest Series 4 came with an increased starting price of $399. As you can see, the price of the Apple Watch has been all over. Thus, it is almost impossible to predict the price tag for the Apple Watch 5. Nevertheless, we could say that the upcoming watch could be priced about the same as the Series 4 watch.

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We’re probably still months away from the release of the Apple Watch Series 5, but in the meantime, the rumor mill is busily churning out stories. We can get some hints about it from watchOS 6 and from expectations based on previous models.

Apple Watch Series 5 release date and price

Apple hasn’t said anything about when its next watch will be out, but typically, the company reveals its updated smartwatch during the fall iPhone launch event. We expect the same thing this year. The launch timeline for the iPhone 11 has supposedly been leaked, and it puts the event in September, which is in line with expectations.

Thus, we expect the Apple Watch Series 5 to be unveiled at the same time and launched not long after. Apple tends to schedule its iPhone events for the second Tuesday of September, which would be Sept. 10. This is purely a guess based on previous launch timelines, of course.

The next-generation Apple Watch could be priced at $399 for the non-LTE model, which would be line with the Series 4’s price last year. However, it could come with an even higher price tag, depending on whether Apple packs any new sensors in it.

Expected features

We know watchOS 6 is bringing the App Store to the Apple Watch so that the device will be able to break away even further from the iPhone, so we expect the Apple Watch Series 5 to make the most of this. Even though previous watch models are also expected to get the App Store as part of watchOS 6, the Series 5 could have more functionality on this front.

We also would not be surprised if Apple’s next-generation watch finally comes with some sleep-tracking features. The company has made health and fitness a major focus for its smartwatch, but it hasn’t offered any sleep-tracking features so far. It’s possible that sleep tracking could finally become a reality with the Series 5, although this is purely based on what’s offered by other smartwatches and trackers. Bloomberg also reported that Apple was working on sleep-tracking features, although the media outlet also said it might not be ready until next year.

The watch will also be packed with even more health- and fitness-tracking features. We already know Apple has been planning two new apps called “Cycles,” a menstrual tracking app for women, and “Dose,” an app designed to help users keep track of their medications. The Series 5 will likely come with even more health features.

We’ve also heard that this year’s model could have an OLED panel from Japan Display, which was particularly interesting because Japan Display hasn’t previously sold OLED displays. It supplied LCDs for Apple’s other products, but not OLED displays. The Apple Watch Series 5 is expected to retain the same design as previous models, although analyst Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned the return of a ceramic casing. However, he didn’t offer many details, like whether the ceramic model will be reserved only for the most expensive model like it was in models before the Series 4 or if ceramic will play an even bigger role in the design of the Series 5.