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Apple Monitor Stand Price Draws Unnecessary Criticism

Apple Monitor Stand

Apple has long been the desired status symbol for those who love electronic devices. The Mac computer line has developed a following that is almost cult like. Its mobile siblings, the iPhone, iPad, and iPod have their own fan base as well. The ability to be part of the Apple culture comes at a price, which most people are glad to pay. However, the new Apple monitor stand has seemingly created a lot of stir in the tech world. While it may seem odd that the company has created a product that people hate, the price seems to be the driving force behind the negative reviews. Engadget went as far as to call it ‘an expensive gadget nobody needs.”


The Apple monitor stand was announced at the WWDC this week, along with other products the company plans to launch this year. The device has a sleek, modern design, which is very appealing to Apple lovers. It is versatile and easy to adjust, offering up to 25 degrees of tilt. It also has the ability to be rotated into portrait mode with a simple nudge. The ease with which it could be adjusted is definitely appealing to those who often rotate their monitors so someone else can view them. The design left nothing to be desired in terms of looks and useability. The ability of this monitor stand to be placed in almost any position had the audience’s attention. However, the price caught the entire audience off guard, and left John Termus scrambling for words onstage.


Why was it so shocking to hear the price of the Apple monitor stand? Termus has just demoed the company’s brand new Pro Display XDR, a 6k display system that retails for $4,999. No one seemed bothered at that price tag, although the average blue collar man might think twice before financing it. What blew the minds of the audience was the additional $999 price tag Apple has placed on the monitor stand. Murmurs in the crowd caused Termus to stammer a bit as he finished the presentation.

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Apple has long been a high end device manufacturer. The original Apple 1 computer retailed for a cool $500 in 1976. Let’s put that into perspective for a moment. That $500 translates into more than $2,000 today, with inflation considered. That is the price of a used vehicle. A new iMac retails at $1,999 with only 8GB of RAM and a 1TB HDD at Best Buy today. The cost of their equipment has stayed pretty current, if not below inflation prices, since the original Apple computer hit the market. This brings up the question of why people were shocked at the price of the Apple monitor stand. The company has sold computer products for more than 40 years at prices well above competitor products. Part of owning an Apple device is the pride with which you can say “I love my Apple.” You have always had to pay a premium price to be able make that statement, and the newest device is no different. If you want your setup to be 100% Apple products, then you will need to pony up the $999 for the monitor stand. Otherwise you may be able to find a universal stand to hold your $5,000 6k display.