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What Is A/B Testing? [INFOGRAPHIC]

What is A/B/C Testing?

We all know how important A/B testing is in business. If you are not testing your website calls-to-action, advertising copy, or product features, then you are ignoring industry best practices. What’s even more interesting is that many people would classify A/B testing as data science, but failing to test with a control group is ignoring best practices of science.

What is a control group in A/B Testing

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What is a control group?

A control group is a segment of the experiment or test that do not see a change in variables. A good example of this is the group of people who receive a placebo in a new drug study. Control groups help to protect the significance of results against factors that are outside the experimenter’s control, for lack of a better word.

It’s worth noting that A/B tests should also target change within only one variable. Tests that use a control variable in conjunction with a control group further increase the likelihood of having trustworthy results.

This is why CleverTap coined the term ABC testing, based on the theory that all A/B tests should include a control group to protect against error and bias. In the visual below they have outlined the benefits of adding a control group to your future A/B testing strategy.

What is a control group in A/B Testing