Galaxy Note 6 And Galaxy S7 To Be Potent 2016 Line-Up

Galaxy Note 6 And Galaxy S7 To Be Potent 2016 Line-Up
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The two big handset releases for Samsung in 2016 will be the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 6. The Galaxy S7 is still considered very much the flagship smartphone from Samsung, but the excellent Galaxy Note devices produced recently by the corporation have heightened the reputation of the Galaxy Note range. Both devices will be important for the performance of Samsung during the next calendar year, so here is a rundown of what we can expect from these two major releases.

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Galaxy S7

The latest news on the Galaxy S series comes from China, where reports have suggested that the upgrade cycle of the Korean company will switch from a hardware to software emphasis in 2016. With the Galaxy S6 having presented a new look and feel for the hardware of the Galaxy smartphone range, it is expected that the next Galaxy S7 release will focus on software innovations.

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Central to this will be the ultimate goal of creating a software experience that Samsung describes as being “non-delayed”. This hints at a fluency in the Android OS of the Galaxy S7 that will make it superior to the Apple iOS operating system. It is expected that this will later be reflected in the Galaxy Note 6 as well. Samsung will achieve this improved fluency in the Galaxy S7 via Android 6.0 Marshmallow and its running of the newest version of Samsung’s TouchWiz software.

Micro SD to be reintroduced

Another new rumor relating to the Galaxy S7 is that this handset could be once again fitted with a micro SD card slot. This would certainly find favor with Android fans, as the non-expandable nature of the most recent Galaxy S releases have been something of a disappointment. However, it should be pointed out that previous Galaxy S range releases have also been linked with this technology, without it coming to fruition.

Some sources have suggested that Samsung will increase the screen size of the Galaxy S7 to 5.3-inches. Regardless of whether this turns out to be the case, or if instead the Korean corporation opts for a 5.1-inch display, a 4K Galaxy S7 is not anticipated. Samsung is expected to stick with quad HD resolution this time round, and save up the Galaxy Note 6 for its first 4K resolution screen.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and Samsung Exynos 8890 octa-core processors are anticipated for this smartphone, with 4 GB of RAM driving this powerful performer. Samsung is thus expected to revert to its previous procedure of releasing devices with differing processor technology in Eastern and Western marketplaces.

Samsung is also likely to arm the Galaxy S7 with a 20-megapixel rear-facing camera, which will be somewhat similar to the Sony Xperia Z5. Although 4K resolution will not be included in this device, it is still expected that the camera will have 4K video recording capabilities. A powerful eight-megapixel snapper will also be included; to put this into perspective, this is equal to Apple’s rear-facing snapper in the iPhone 6S.

The major innovation in the Galaxy S7 will be the introduction of a pressure-sensitive panel to rival the 3D Touch technology now included in the iPhone range. It has also been reported from sources close to the Samsung supply chain that a much greater emphasis will be placed on the curved version of the Galaxy S7 when it is released. This has unquestionably been a success for Samsung since it debuted in the Galaxy Note Edge, and Samsung will begin to produce quantities of units that make the Galaxy S7 Edge a truly mainstream device.

Galaxy Note 6

According to some early reports on the Galaxy Note 6, the release date of the phablet could be shifting forward. There are a couple of reasons for this suggestion, not least the fact that the flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7, has already been linked with an earlier release date than usual. It would make sense for Samsung to move the Galaxy Note 6 forward as well.

Another interesting suggestion is that the Galaxy Note 6 will be something of a hybrid device, combining its usual capabilities with some laptop-related functionality. This would require the Galaxy Note 6 to be fitted with a particularly powerful processor, and thus the handset is already being linked with a 3.1 GHz 16-core processor. This would certainly put the Samsung device in line with the specifications and performance of the average laptop.

This speculation has been fuelled by a recently leaked patent which suggests that the Galaxy Note 6 will feature a phablet dock enabling a small keyboard to be attached. The dock will allow switching between the Android OS and the Windows 10 OS; a major innovation should Samsung indeed include this in the Galaxy Note 6.

Another major Galaxy Note 6 rumor is the suggestion that the display of the device could be flexible. Samsung first demonstrated this technology, or at least a prototype of it, at a consumer electronics show many years ago, and it could finally be featured in one of its retail devices with the Galaxy Note 6.

Samsung is also expected to increase the screen size of the Galaxy Note 6 to 6-inches or possibly even 6.2-inches, and thus this should be the first ever 4K resolution handset from the Korean corporation. These rumors collectively add up to what looks to be an extremely impressive Galaxy Note 6 display.


The Galaxy Note 6 has also been linked with some outstanding camera technology, with a quite incredible 30-megapixel snapper possible in the phablet. Britecell camera technology will be included in the device, while an extremely nifty eight-megapixel front-facing camera is also expected. Britecell has also been linked with the Galaxy S7, as Samsung attempts to improve its shooting in low-light conditions.

Other rumored features in the Galaxy Note 6 include a fingerprint scanner, speedy wireless charging, blood pressure and heart rate sensors, and a barometer and thermometer. Samsung is also expected to include an Exynos+ chipset in devices intended for the East Asian marketplace, with Qualcomm Snapdragon technology being relied upon for the Western world.

To cope with the incredibly high specs of this device, Samsung is also expected to arm the Galaxy Note 6 with a pretty staggering 8 GB of RAM memory.

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  1. Unless Samsung goes back to the key differentiating features of the Note (i.e. removable battery, SD) They will lose me as a loyal fan. I am sure there are many like me who flocked to the Note because it offered us a feeling of control. I work out of the office so I am not close to wall outlet all day. I keep a second battery with me in my bag at all times, when the first one runs out (all batteries lose life after time) I can replace it. I don’t have to worry about looking for an outlet. To all those people who are talking about fast charging times, etc. Its not about the time it takes to charge, unless it will charge in under 1 minute (thats how long it take to change the battery), it doesnt matter. You have to carry a charging device, whatever that charging device is and you have to hook it up to a power source and wait for the phone to charge. Secondly, having the option of expandable memory is not really about running out of space for photos. The Note was designed for professionals and power users. I can take my entire encrypted office work with me in a miniSD card, and email files on the go. i can load and unload files on the go with the SD card, without having to worry about connecting the phone to a computer. It cost as much as a laptop and should have the functions similar to a laptop. For all those people who are happy with a non-SD card phone or a non-removable battery there is nothing wrong with your opinion, however the Note was created with a specific user in mind. Samsung has forgotten about those users with the newest iteration of the Note (Note 5). Unless they go back to the reason the Note came to existence they will lose the remain loyal Note fans they have.

  2. Its the option to have the ability to change the battery if a user desires it. Being forced or having that option taken away is the problem many Note 3 and 4 users are having with the Note 5. Not to mention the issue of not having the option to add more memory via mini SD card. The options were what kept the Samsung Note customer base happy with Samsung. They lost that with the Note 5. Unless they go back to the key features of the Note 3 and 4, they will lose loyal Samsung fans.

  3. The Note 6 Specs ?? 64 Bit ? 16 core ? 3.1GHZ ? 2 Operating Systems ? This Bitch Has Earned A Sub Name… The Power Grid ?! Rip Too Competition Samsung Cause You Killed That S t !
    _ #Samsung4Life!

  4. A built in battery is no different from a removable battery and it is always wise to charge the battery in an external charger and it is a moral duty for manufacturers to make phones that allow the option to remove the battery easily and instantly…these manufacturers design products and have enough knowhow to design phones with removable batteries and still make very good phones if they wanted to…and it really is not right to assume that someone sounds like a moron for sounding out a wish…that is an insult to your own sensibilities….and an inbuilt battery is a trapped battery …serving a sentence for a crime it did not commit.

  5. Not if the phone is held together by glue …it takes a good while to open it and remove the parts to get to the battery…then you have to buy the battery to replace and then reglue the phone …whereas the manufacturer could make it easy for us as in galaxy notes 1, 2, 3 and 4….. they respected the customer enough then but suddenly some nasty person came along and messed it up for us.

  6. Even if the battery were to last a full week between charges I would want the battery to be removable instantly by anyone and an external charger is a much better place to charge the battery…This should have been a customary thing to do for all manufacturers….to provide this option to us at all times… ..otherwise it is just a very nasty marketing strategy to write in a set lifespan into the phone so that the lazy ones amongst us or the more affluent ones would just opt into buying new phones every single year…and that is a bad situation that manufacturers and some blog writers take advantage of and make the greater majority of the buying public suffer by designing in all that so called clever packaging to entice us with the next sexy phone to lust after

  7. I shan’t be buying any phone if I cannot easily remove the battery and it will be essential to have a micro sd card slot…two slots would be even better…
    Otherwise I shall stick with my trusty Notes 3 and 4 for as long as possible …it is as simple as all that …
    It would have been good to buy a Note 5 but not if there is no instantly removable battery or a slot for a micro sd card. And a Note 6 will not be any good to me without these two essential elements incorporated into it….

  8. I have perfect vision and can not see any pixels on the Note 4 when viewing the phone in my hand. The 4k upgrade will drain the battery more quickly and not benefit normal phone use. That being said, I assume 4k screen upgrade is because of the Gear VR. After trying the VR, I’m convinced it’s going to take something close to 8k or 16k to have no pixelation in VR.

  9. What are you going scuba diving with your phone?… Its a phone first and foremost… If you can call and text with a good battery than be happy lol. As a matter of fact the life of the battery last longer when its streamlined into the phone because it dissipates heat and is directly connected for the processors to work on all cylinders without giving up battery life. If you need to replace your battery that quickly than you are using your phone wrong and charging it wrong. And pay tech is in very early stages… You’re gonna be waiting a long time considering not ever store has upgraded card or NFC systems. You sound like a total moron.

  10. I would NEVER buy a phone if it doesn’t have simple features like:
    SD card.
    Replaceable battery.
    100% waterproof.
    Wireless charging.
    A pay system that already works with 99% of the world’s existing swipe-card readers.

  11. I had an S4 prior to upgrading to an S6 Edge Plus and was worried about not having the convenience of being able to pop in an extra battery when the other one was dead. Honestly, it has not been an issue. Not only does the battery last longer, but the rapid charging makes it like having another battery. Plugging it in for a a few minutes will get me about 4 more hours of battery time, and the phone actually charges from 0% to 100% in just over an hour. If you need to replace the battery it only takes them aboit a day and will only cost $40. The switch to a built in battery hasn’t been as painful as I thought.

  12. When the battery is low you can’t pop a fresh 100% bathery in. The s6 costs $45 minimum to fix and I wouldn’t have a phone during the fix. I bought two batteries for my S3 for $10. Changing the battery myself would also void the warranty.

  13. You can pay for them to change the battery for you, or you can do the smart thing and change it yourself. Requires a small amount of research. I don’t know why people keep talking as if you have to throw it away when the battery goes.

  14. Include the SD card and replaceable battery or I’ll keep my S3. I’m on my second battery and the charging port failed but I bought a $10 charging pad. Without the replaceable battery I would have had to buy a new phone a year ago. I’m not going to speed $500 buck for a new phone every two years……

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