Facebook Videos Can Now Be Embedded Elsewhere


Facebook had several big announcements at its F8 Conference today, one of which was about being able to embed Facebook videos on other sites. The feature seems to work in a similar fashion to how YouTube lets users embed videos on other sites or how Twitter allows users to embed tweets.

Facebook Videos Can Now Be Embedded Elsewhere

Details on Facebook’s embed feature

Facebook users have been able to upload videos to the social network for years now, although it was very difficult to embed those videos on other sites. In most cases, it was much easier to just upload the videos to YouTube and then share them on Facebook.

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Now Facebook wants to be a more inclusive website, so Greg Kumparak of TechCrunch reports that the social network is making embed codes available for videos uploaded to its network.

How to embed Facebook videos on other sites

It’s just as easy to embed Facebook videos on other sites as it is to embed tweets on other sites. Users simply click the embed button that’s next to the video they uploaded, and Facebook provides them with the code, which can then be pasted into posts for other websites. It works the same way YouTube’s and Twitter’s embed features do.

It makes sense that Facebook would want to enable embedding of videos uploaded to its site. The social network pretty much had to add this feature if it wanted to take video views from YouTube and get credit for them with advertisers.

Other F8 announcements

So far, some of the other features Facebook announced at F8 today include the plan to turn its Messenger app into a platform in and of itself. That basically means the social network will allow third parties to integrate other features into the app.

The social network also unveiled its “On this Day” feature, which is very similar to third-party TimeHop. Users can basically look back at what happened on a particular day in the years past, revisiting their happiest memories and sharing them again with friends.

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