Facebook Inc (FB) F8 App Confirmed Messenger As Platform

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Facebook just confirmed its Messenger App is about to become a platform, which will allow third parties to offer features through it. The tech giant confirmed the report in a notification sent by the social media giant’s F8 app.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) previously claimed all major products would get announcements at F8. The list of major products includes Messenger, Parse, Instagram, Oculus and WhatsApp. The notification came as a surprise, especially considering the fact it may have arrived earlier than expected.

The new Facebook Messenger

Just last week, it was rumored that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) would introduce a platform for Messenger during the F8 event. It will model the messenger service after Asian rivals like WeChat and Line. Both platforms go far beyond being simple messaging services. The rival messenger services include fun extras like games and camera apps. Facebook aims its focus on enabling third-party companies to build content for Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is strictly a Facebook experience. Although websites can send URLs privately to friends, the messaging service keeps all interactions within the service. Sources claim F8 will focus on Messenger, which means some exciting changes are in store.

Facebook’s plan for Parse

Today’s surprising message also mentioned that Parse will come to the Internet of Things. It should be noted that Parse has already dabbled with IoT in the past, even though not directly. It appears as if the social media giant is serious about expanding communication beyond Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). The previous acquisition is a perfect example of the company’s quest to expand. Two years ago, a few executives at the company questioned whether the social graph could fit into a larger range of connected objects.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) already expanded upon its Oculus virtual reality experience and has invited app developers to join in on the fun. The company frequently demonstrated the Crescent Bay VR headset and its capabilities. Since it is the first year of the social giant’s big acquisition, it would be the perfect time for unveiling the new platform.

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