Windows 9 (Threshold) Beta Expected By The End Of This Year

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is working to bring Windows 9, code-named Threshold, to users by spring 2015. Not surprisingly, the company has officially announced the end of support date for “business” Windows 8 users. According to ZDNet, business users will have to upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 8.1 Update 1 by August 12, 2014 if they want to keep getting fixes and patches from Microsoft.

Windows 9 (Threshold) Beta Expected By The End Of This Year

Leaked features of Windows 9 garnering positive reaction

August 12 is the software giant’s Patch Tuesday, when the company is expected to release a number of updates. Anyway, Microsoft would want to get over the Windows 8 debacle as soon as possible. Recent leaks clearly suggest that most of the features Windows 8 emphasized upon, such as Charms Bar, will be scaled back in Windows 9. Reports suggest that the beta version of Windows 9 will be released by the end of this year, and the final OS will hit the markets in the first half of 2015.

Windows 8 focused dramatically on mobile computing. Meanwhile, Windows 9 is going to establish a balance between the mobile capability and desktop muscle, says Alex Wilhelm of TechCrunch. That fits well int the bigger picture of the computing market where PC sales have started to stabilize while tablet growth is slowing.

That doesn’t mean Windows 9 is going to ignore tablets. The focus will be more even with the next-gen OS. Many leaked features of Windows 9 are already garnering positive reactions from the user community. Microsoft is expected to bring back the Start menu and ditch the much-maligned Charms Bar with Windows 9. The new OS will also reportedly have the virtual desktops feature, which is wildly popular among enterprise customers and power users. Ubuntu and Mac OS X already support virtual desktops.

Existing Windows users could get Windows 9 for free

But Microsoft won’t entirely go back to the desktop. The company won’t back down from the Windows Store. The Start Screen and Live Tiles are here to stay. Microsoft is trying to provide a Windows 7-like desktop experience, while combining that with its mobile-friendly interface and apps. That’s in line with previous reports that Windows 9 will have Metro apps running in a windowed fashion.

Moreover, veteran tech reporter Mary Jo Foley recently said that Microsoft will give existing users a compelling incentive to upgrade to Windows 9, which includes the possibility of giving it away for free.

Microsoft shares rose 0.42% to $43.38 in pre-market trading on Monday.

  • gary perreault

    Windows 8.1 update 1 works very well, I must say for a windows os, it is the best windows OS ever. I do not like the start screen though, and opening metro apps in fullscreen is dumb. The windows 9 idea is going to be a lot better aleast u just have one “mode” and the standard UI so having live tiles in the start menu isn’t all that bad of a idea, it’s a idea that should of been in windows 8 from the start.

    no more charmbar and no more start screen and metro apps in full screen = AWESOME!!! finally they are making much more sense, still think this should of been in windows 8 and i’m sure a lot of customers had said this in the feedback of windows 8 dev. Microsoft never listen, they still make a lot of money so they sell this crap and after like ooo windows 9 hey guess what windows 7 users that failed to update we made a simular windows vista start menu with “LIVE TILES” and everyone will be like wow!!!!

    Well kind of… i know people hate the tiles a lot but nobody every complain about the resource hog gadgets on on windows… live tiles are way better in IMO, and take less resource.

    I think the only really new feature in windows 9 will be virtual desktop and cortona so far.. the new mini start menu is basicly something that was suppose to be in the august update, but they just don’t want windows 8 users to have a bloody start menu.. they know people will buy windows 9 like crazy and they will make their profit out of that.

    this is what big companies do to make money and this is there tactics. apple does it BIG time, google does it every big company does it.

    Welcome to the New world order.. and the world of technology to dumb down society.. people seem to forget to put the positve side to windows 8.1 at least it works very good, its stable, runs pc games very good.. the system is the best windows i can say that never crashed on me yet in the last 2 years having windows 8.

    Windows Vista was terrible when it first came out, so was windows 7 come on people u don’t remember how bad windows 7 was with driver support in the first release of windows 7 ? really i had many blue screen of death because it didn’t know one of my usb driver was… but a lot got fix in windows 7 sp1 and in vista sp2 a lot got fix as well.

    In windows 8 it works very good even in the developer preview it work very good i never had problems using windows 8 .. it does have better performance than windows 7 hands down, and it is also more stable.

    Yes i do hate the start screen, i wish it never existed in windows 8, but oh well i just shove it in the far coner and hopefully it rots in hell.

    but windows 9 making metro apps windows lulz is how windows should be.. oh well i do hope its a free update .. why people for their fuck up ..

    this should of been update 2, which was supposed to be in windows 8.. i saw a //build con. and they said that suppose to be in windows 8.1 update 2 or some shit, but that all change bastards..

    i hope windows 9 is free

  • Behzad

    Plus , Windows 8/8.x Was Horribly Dysfunctional Piece Of Shit , Half of my Hardware Was Unsupported , Many of the Functions Were missing or Weren’t Working As Good As before , Especially The Search , They Seriously Need To Fix it In WIndows 9 too , Windows 8.1 Did Fix NOTHING !!!

  • Behzad

    Yeah We Don’t Need Any F**king Mini Start Screens , Full Fuctional Start menu Or Nothing !

  • Behzad

    SO ? Win 8 And Whole Microsofts Ati-Computer Plan Still Sucks…..

    They should End This Now , Or They’ll Be Signing Theirown Downfall.

  • Behzad

    The Problem is now they’re Qualifying Laptops/PC As Touchscreen , because some Brainless dumbasses Decided to put Touch On laptops, what sort of Muppet You should be To Spend hours of time bending and raising your hand to reach out to your Laptops Screen While You can simply Use Your Mouse/Keyboard !!!

  • itzsm00th

    Agreed. Should have always had 2 versions in the first place. One for touch screen devices and one for non-touchscreen devices. Would have made them a lot more money and saved a lot of heartache.

  • com truise

    microsoft needs to make a separate os for their tablet/surface crap then make windows 100% mouse/keyboard friendly, not both in one os

  • Windows 7 is best.

    The “Tile” sh!t is what made me hate windows 8. We got windows 8 beta in my votec class, after installing all my instructor said was, “We will not be using this”. I’m a IT and I have not heard 1 person say they like windows 8 BECAUSE of the tile screen. All I get is “can you make the start screen normal”(like windows 7) and other variations of the same question.

  • rabbit_ears

    STFU. I just bought a brand new Windows 7 machine two hours ago. Don’t put words in my mouth and accuse me of speaking them, idiot.

  • Let’s have fun

    Dear Microsoft

    Here is what Microsoft should be doing for a Windows 9 operating system

    If you want to offer App Store on Windows 9 for desktop and laptop computers, make sure that ability to run Windows store apps on desktop and laptop computers is 100% mouse and keyboard friendly which is similar to Mac OSX App Store. Make it more easier to install office 2016 for desktops and laptops from Windows App Store as well as other apps like Apple has on Mac computers.

    Make sure that Windows App Store on desktop and laptop computers is much user friendly than ever before.

    Make sure that App Store programs for desktop and laptop computers should not rely on Windows 8 anti-desktop design and must be 100% user friendly on traditional P.C.

    Do not make start menu, mini start screen which meets anti-computers standards for desktops and laptops. Come out with a brand new desktop and laptop friendly start menu that makes it more compelling for people to move beyond Windows 7. Make start menu more easy to use with program groups like music and videos, social media, options to make phone calls, SMS from start menu and application like photo booth from start menu.

    Hopefully Microsoft gets that message about how to make Windows 9 much faster, more fun and vibrant to use at home or with IT in businesses.

    Hope they understand.

  • Let’s have fun

    It is not too little and too late, I went to staples and The Source by Bell Canada (Formally, By Circuit City) and all high market items they sell was all based on Windows operating system, not Ubuntu Linux at all.

    If it was too little, too late, Computer makers wouldn’t be making newer P.C.’s with Windows anymore.

    I had Windows O.S. and never had any problems with my computer ever at all except Microsoft’s anti-computing and their computer free standards they already put on Windows 8. Microsoft was inventing their anti-computer agenda when Desktop and Laptop computer sales were slowly declining in 2011.

    Microsoft’s anti-computers strategy started with Windows 8 and when I moved to Windows 8 O.S. from Windows 7, I had to teach my immediate family members how to use Windows 8 and they had to learn how to log off from that machine.

    Our parents were keep asking me how to turn off their computers until I installed Windows 8.1 update 1. With Windows 8.1 update 1, I do not have to teach my mom and dad how to turn off their computers.

    I’m hoping Microsoft does not start computers are gone movement with Windows 9 operating system if P.C. Sales are going down.

    Hopefully Microsoft does not get rid of multi-screen market where you have different types of experience for different types of devices.

    Microsoft, you are supposed to build a better operating system with newer era that supports multi-screen standards.

    Besides their anti-computers strategy, I never had any computer viruses with faster and powerful Norton, not Windows Defender on our desktop machines, and any other reliability and performance issues.

    You are just a hater of Microsoft, and you are telling us and other 1.5 billion Windows on general purpose computers to move to Linux as quickly as possible instead of going from Windows 7/8.x to Windows 9 operating system.

    You have no right to tell others not to go with Windows, that is not your business to stop people from using Windows O.S., if that was true, I would see best buy, future shop and many retailers selling Linux computers.

    You are just trying to tell others what to do.

  • rabbit_ears

    Neither are you considering your spelling and grammar capabilities. How old are you, 12?

  • rabbit_ears

    Still too little too late.

  • Microsoft deserves what they got. Far too many organizations are blinded by the urge to mindlessly follow what appear to be expanding markets, in the hope of quickly cashing in. These frameworks of delusion are usually supported by perception of long term plans and value relative to the initial idea. But as has been seen countless times, sometimes a company gets lucky and has all the right cards executed in all the right order, but most of the time they fail pitifully., Microsoft did something dumb and failed pitifully.

    That being said, they get a bit too much criticism in a sense. They aren’t in any easy spot. They have three options, small tweaks and functional changes, something disjointed / cobbled, and forcing a paradigm shift. An expansion or redefinition of how an OS is used and how people perceive it. We haven’t had a true paradigm shift in end user computing in quite a while. Not in UX, not in functionality, nowhere. It’s been slow evolution and refinement of already existing concepts. Remember when tabbed browsing came around? Same story there, nothing has meaningfully changed since then. Tabs still have the same strengths, and same massive flaws as they did to start. Where you put them doesn’t matter. Firefox tried to do something with tab groups, recognizing there was a problem. Doesn’t solve it though.

    It’s not so simple. Have to really stop and think, where do you go? The nature of what is, leads one to the notion of what is not, and it’s a lot to weigh. Hope some engineer, or someone working in UX, somewhere in Microsoft, had a spark of creativity and wasn’t too beat down and apathetic in the hierarchical ladder to have a say in it. Otherwise, it’s just going to be the same again.

    I won’t even get started on these overpaid “I can do UX, I went to college for this and know how it needs to go” types. A lot of them are trend followers and don’t actually think about what they’re doing. Best example is office 2013. Seriously, symbolic references with no linguistic aid? It’s well known that relying on purely symbolic interfaces promotes confusion, uses more working memory, and generally lowers usability. Linguistic aids alleviate this issue a bit, and the inverse goes as well, humans have a bottleneck where it’s difficult to process multiple linguistic inputs (or types of input) at once, symbolic aids help that. Grouping functions together doesn’t help when they aren’t visually distinct, goes back to working memory. Remember when formatting templates where in this box thing in 2007? That served a purpose visually, having some new age trendy flat design does nothing beyond reducing usability. Before I get ahead of myself, I’ll say I won’t claim I could universally do their job as a whole better than they do, as odd as that might sound after that kind of analysis. But I won’t pretend that I can’t point out obvious problems in their designs. These attitudes were reflected in Windows 8 as well, and really, everything Microsoft has done in the prior years.

  • ZZ

    I loooooove my win7 and don’t need any new windows at all, its just always about making money for Microsoft. Why always a new system anyway ??? Wouldn’t it be much better when they instead always upgrade and making it faster and faster instead only !!! I hate this tile bull sh(i)t and therefore I don’t even want the win9 for free and rather keep my win7 !!! Get rid of that stupid tile sh(i) and I take win9 (at least for trying only) !!!

  • 30somthingg

    Until they move away from the mobile apps on my desktop i will not buy another windows product. Windows 8 was terrible even my kids hated it. If you cant disable all of the app like features 9 will be just as bad if we wanted a tablet OS we would buy a tablet. What desktop users want is power and simplicity you want to win me over make an OS that only does what it needs to do and let me decide what i put on it.

  • ferrell parker

    one way to enjoy EIGHT is to hide all hammers baseball bats,cats and dogs, and then just talk to it in Microsoft language,nice and soft.

  • WHO-I-AM

    Isn’t Microsoft the Greedy Corporation that ENDS support for it’s Products, even though they STILL
    work? Yeah, about that. There is a REVOLT on in regardings this company!!!

  • imsimsj

    Live tiles are worthless. If you think they are you are clearly not that smart.

  • matt

    Like past OS’s that were 32 or 64 bit and you chose at install witch one you wanted..why not something along that line..tablet or desktop..and install the best OS for the choice.

  • Eagle2758

    grow up turd.

  • letmehavefun

    Dear Microsoft
    Can you please come out with a different, mouse and keyboard friendly style and look for Windows 9 if it is being used on a desktop computer as well as different pure touch optimized look which has nothing to do with Modern UI if it is on smartphones and tablets?
    Do not meet anti-computing standards for Windows 9 at all. Microsoft was a first anti-convergence company when P.C. sales were down by 10% this year.
    Hope you understand.

  • areunuts

    you are clearly not to smart if you don;t see that live tiles are good for the OS…. stop being a moron hater

  • areunuts

    It is going to cut it…

  • Archie Bunker

    A one size OS fits all isn’t going to cut it . Got the feeling Win 9 wont sale much better than 8 / 8.1. Kind of like a motorcycle and a car both serve a purpose but in different ways and it’s they same with an OS. Handhelds portable aren’t computers and computers aren’t handheld portable devices. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how all this works out. Just hard to make things that work go away till something really better comes along

  • Peter Rabbit

    Let’s keep an open mind, and take a look. I’ll bet they would have a lot less trouble if they hired on the basis of: skills, ability, schooling, experience, industry, integrity, imagination, and interest. The things that built this country in its first 150 years, instead of race, sex, and social program status, as part of hypocracyland’s so-called (smirk), Equal Opportunity Program.


  • Fantasm

    Keeping Live tiles, and the Metro garbage just mean Microsoft still hasn’t understood that most of us have no use for them. Microsoft may be poised to fail again…