How To Get Grid Layout On YouTube’s My Subscriptions Page

How To Get Grid Layout On YouTube’s My Subscriptions Page

YouTube is fun and we can spend hours on that site. You might have even subscribed to many channels and all those updates can be found on the My Subscriptions page. As we know, YouTube  changed the look of its subscription page a few years ago, and the most nagging issue that we face now is that instead of a grid layout which we had previously, we now have a single column view of that page. There are certain things which we wish should have never changed, but sometimes change is inevitable. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem. You can get back the good old grid layout of the YouTube subscriptions page on Chrome and Firefox.

For Chrome

If you’re on Chrome, then install the Bring back YouTube’s My Subscriptions Grid Look userscript. As the name suggests, this userscript brings back the good old look of the subscriptions page. To install it, download it to your PC or Mac and then drag and drop it to the extensions page to install it. Once installed, refresh the subscriptions page and voila, you’ll be able to see the grid layout which means instead of a single column, you’ll be able to see four columns grid layout. The only issue is that this userscript hides the name of the uploader. This userscript is also compatible with Firefox, Opera and Safari.


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For Firefox

Firefox users can install the Youtube Subscriptions Grid add-on from Mozilla’s add-on library. Once installed, simply refresh your subscriptions page and you’ll be able to see a grid type layout. Depending on your screen’s resolution, you’ll be able to see approx. five or six videos on a single row. This definitely improves the experience, as you’ll now need to scroll lot less compared to earlier where you were able to see only a single column of video. Unlike the above userscript, it displays uploader’s name too.

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