Xbox Project Scorpio Release Date Hinted By XDK Requirements

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Recent unfounded rumors have cast doubt on whether the holiday period will be the period for which Microsoft launches Xbox Project Scorpio. With some suggesting that we could be just a few months away from a possible August launch. As for when it will actually be, no one yet knows; however, we do expect to hear something at E3 in June. In the meantime, here’s how the August release has been shot down, by Windows Central blogger Jez Corden.

Xbox Project Scorpio Release Date

Jez Corden is a respected blogger for Windows Central, which is also respected as one of the paramount Microsoft information blogs on the web. Now, while the Xbox XDK requirements, may hint at a much earlier release date for the console. Corden, in a recent tweet, tried to put the rumor to bed by suggesting that no hardware will launch until after September.

The tweet which, you can see below, went out on Sunday, indicates that the rumors of an August launch are false. As for his reasoning, it’s as follows:

Apparently, launch games require certification against what he refers to as the October 2017 XDK. Which if he’s accurate would mean that there would be no way for the Xbox Project Scorpio to launch in August or sooner. To explain this some more, it turns out that game developers work to a one-month game certification delay. Meaning that if a product were to be released in August, it would need to stick to the October XDK requirements.

Rumor vs Windows Central

Unfortunately, while Corden is a Windows Central writer, which carries some weight. He has failed to provide a source for his information, which has lead to some people doubting his word. The problem here, however, is that Windows Central itself is now stranger to publishing rumors and leaks about Xbox Project Scorpio. However, again, it’s likely that some insider source provided the information and in so doing so, asked not to be revealed.

August Or later Release Date?

So, if we’re not going to see the console release date come early, when can we expect to see it? On this, Corden has yet again, had something to say. He has apparently gone on record, as saying, that mid-October to mid-November are the most likely months it could happen.

However, as it happens, that does coincide with the predictions of others. In fact, if you’re looking for a precise date for the Xbox Project Scorpio to hit the shelves. It’s possible that November 21, 2017, is the date to look out for. Why? Well, that is the consensus among many industry insiders who claim to know a thing or two about the console.

Shockingly, though, the biggest pointer towards an early release comes via Warner Bros. It has a website in place for the upcoming game Middle-earth: Shadow Of War. On the site, there is a statement which contradicts, what Jez Corden has been tweeting.

It reads: The game will be,

“available Aug. 22 on Xbox One, Project Scorpio, PC, PS4 and PS4 Pro.”

Naturally, this begs the question: Why would Warner Bros suggest the game would be available on Xbox Project Scorpio in August if it’s not released? Unfortunately, right now, there is no answer forthcoming for that. Although, as alway’s we will keep you informed as to any announcements or further rumors.

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