Nintendo Switch vs. PS4 Pro vs. Xbox Scorpio: Most Wanted Console [SURVEY]

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When you think of a desirable gaming console, which devices come to mind? If you asked a group of teenage gamers their choices would probably be between the PS4 Pro, Xbox Scorpio, and Nintendo Switch. As for which one would come out on top, a recent survey has revealed surprising results. It appears that raw power and graphical performance are not the only deciding factors. Why? Because the Switch came out on top, as the most wanted!

Nintendo Switch Most Desired Console

The survey which was undertaken by Nielsen Games, and called the 360 report questioned over 2000 people, of different ages in the U.S. According to it, the results are as follows:

Gamers Aged 13 And Above
Of those within this first age bracket, 16-percent responded when asked that they preferred the Nintendo Switch. While 15-percent confessed to liking the PS4 Pro the most, and just 13-percent for the Xbox Scorpio.

Furthermore, as well as gamers, none gamers of the same age range were asked for their opinion, which resulted in the following: Again the Switch comes out on top with 12-percent, with the Playstation 4 Pro in 2nd at 11-percent and the Xbox Scorpio down at 9-percent.

Older Systems Surveyed
The survey also asked the same age range of people which of the older consoles the PS4 and Xbox One. The results showed that among gamers, so those who are aware of the consoles, 21-percent want the PS4, and 17-percent thought desirably about the Xbox One.

As for none gamers, 15-percent want Sony’s device and just 12-percent the one from Microsoft. However, what is interesting about the revealed figures is there’s no mention of the Wii U among gamers or none gamers. Which goes, to show just how much of an uphill struggle Nintendo had trying to push that device.

Platform Awareness

This next set of revealed data is again taken from the 2000 people who were surveyed. Additionally, it focusses on the latest devices, and those to yet be released, in particularly on well known each platform is.

Starting with Sony, it turns out that 77-percent of gamers have heard of the PS4, although only 13-percent are aware of the PS4 Pro’s existence. Moving on to Microsoft’s consoles, 72-percent of gamers know about the Xbox One, whereas only 14-percent know of Xbox Scorpio.

Another fascinating figure has shown that an amusing 9-percent of those asked had not heard of any of these platforms.

Finally, what about none gamers? It turns out that 22-percent have heard of the Nintendo Switch, 21-percent of the PS4 Pro, and only 11-percent of the Xbox Scorpio.

Final Thoughts

While it’s still early days for both the Nintendo Switch and the PS4 Pro with regards to sales figures and marketing campaigns. It comes as no surprise that they both outstrip the Xbox Scorpio in the desirability and interest stakes. Why? Because, they are available to purchase now, whereas Microsoft‘s Scorpio won’t be out until later in the year, probably Christmas. And as such, the full specifications and what developers are onboard is being kept close to Microsoft’s chest.

As for the Switch coming out on top over the Pro, that is a surprise, after all, there’s a severe lack of games for the console hybrid. Whereas Sony’s latest is backward compatible and offers upscaling to create the illusion of 4K gaming. Something which the Switch is not even close to being able to reproduce. The only reason we can think of, for this David meets Goliath like result, is, Nintendo has out-marketed Sony. And as such, has been able to create a much wider awareness of its product than Sony has.

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