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Xbox One X vs. Nintendo Switch: Which Is The Best Gaming Console?

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With the Xbox One X released recently, gamers are faced with an unusual dilemma. Is it worth buying a true mid-gen console? The Xbox One is incredibly powerful, and is capable of making games look better than any other console on the market. If you’re weighing up whether to buy the Xbox One or not, it’s important to consider other consoles on the market to determine the right option for you.

The Xbox One X currently retails at $500, and is well worth the money for one of the best gaming experiences ever. But if you own the Nintendo Switch, is buying the Xbox One X recommended? This is a question posed by thousands of gamers around the world, and for this reason we have prepared an Xbox One X vs. Nintendo Switch article to help you make an informed decision.

If money’s no object, by all means go out and get your hands on the latest and greatest console, but cost is relative. If you concern yourself with wise investments, and are a Nintendo Switch owner, the uncertainty faced throughout the decision making process will be addressed in this article, and by the end you’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to proceed. We’ll start by breaking down the differences between the two, and conclude with a verdict on whether its worth buying the Xbox One X if you own a Nintendo Switch.

Xbox One X vs. Nintendo Switch Specs

Though the above specification chart is useful, if you’re not a technical gaming wizard it’s difficult to evaluate this information. Impressively, the Xbox One X even edges out the PS4 Pro, so it goes without saying it tops the Nintendo Switch too. There is reason to believe Microsoft doesn’t view Nintendo as a competitor, and when you assess the Xbox One X vs. Nintendo Switch conversation, there really isn’t any competition.

Usefully, the Xbox One X takes advantage of television sets with 4K displays, and with HDR enabled it provides a fantastic visual experience. The console’s elite power allows developers to elevate their games to 60FPS, a magical target that’s finally been fulfilled. Games at 30FPS also play well, but the jump from 30FPS to 60FPS is profound, and is perhaps an even greater transition than 1080p to 4K.

With this being said, let’s not pretend as if the Switch is a slouch. Many of the first-party games offered are so colorful they look fantastic in 1080p, but the games that overlap between the two consoles feel more sluggish on the Switch, yet are much crisper on the Xbox One X. The main selling point with the Switch is its functionality as a hybrid console, functioning in both home and portable settings. Though it is a conventional console in many ways, the Switch also serves as a portable handheld which can be played in various environments. This marquee feature separates the Switch from its competitors, since this isn’t attainable with other consoles.

The Switch is a magical device, and its capabilities are difficult to sum up in words. It’s cool to pick up your home console and easily transport it, and to truly appreciate its portability you need to experience it first hand. The Xbox One X doesn’t offer anything close to this, as a traditional, rooted home console. It does however promote a robust online community, alongside a new UI that naturally blends quick access to games and apps. The Xbox One X has Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify, and the Xbox Live Gold offers a competitive free game program. Perhaps the Xbox One X vs. Nintendo Switch debate is somewhat redundant, where the real conversation is the Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro.

Unlike the Switch, the Xbox One X has backwards compatibility with platforms from the Xbox 360, where you can pop old games in, download them, and play as normal. This is a nice additional perk, and it’s features like this that mark the Xbox One X as superior to the supplementary, bare bone features of the Switch. Perhaps more expansions to the network feature on the Switch are anticipated for 2018, but in the meantime the Xbox One X has everything you need.

Looking further into the Xbox One X vs. Nintendo Switch conversation, the Xbox One X has a solid stable of exclusive games, and there aren’t many non-PS4 exclusive titles as things currently stand. The Switch has incredible first-party support from Nintendo, and the chances are there will be at least one or two platforms from the Switch nominated for best game of the year.

The Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch compliment each other well, and with games that do overlap, you can decide whether you want great online support and picture quality, or the ability to take your console on the go. The two have entirely different philosophies, reflected in the strengths of the consoles, and both offer a unique user experience.

To conclude, if you own a Nintendo Switch, we believe it is worth buying the Xbox One X, especially if you own a 4K television. I hope you have found this article informative, and are now better informed on the Xbox One X vs. Nintendo Switch conversation. If you’d like to contribute to the discussion, or have any questions, please comment below.

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