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Microsoft Xbox Game Pass is a game subscription service that allows members to play more games in a cost-effective way. Now, the company aims to make this subscription service much more enticing and meaningful, and thus, has announced reward points with the Xbox Game Pass quests. These quests will help players earn reward points, which can then be spent in a variety of ways.

Reward points – how can you spend them?

Microsoft Xbox Game Pass quests will allow players to earn a maximum of 2100 reward points per month. Players will have to complete specific quests to earn the points. Moreover, a player can play any Xbox Game Pass game to complete their quests. Players can use the reward points in several ways, like buying games and DLC, or renewing their membership.

In all, there are seven quests in January. Many of the quests are related to getting certain achievements in some specific games. For instance, a player gets the Cowboy achievement by killing 100 enemies in Metro Redux using a revolver.

“It’s easy to rack up points that you can spend towards your membership or DLC for your favorite games — just play the games you love and watch your rewards grow,” Microsoft says in a blog post.

In the past, the Xbox achievements only helped a player to better their Xbox Live profile and show others how much of an expert they are when it comes to games. But now, along with giving you a bragging right, the Xbox Game Pass will also help you save some money. Though reward points won’t earn you a fortune, it still can accumulate into a nice bonus over the course of a year. You get a $1.25 Xbox gift card in exchange for 1700 points.

A player can also easily track their accumulated reward points. To track the progress, open the Microsoft Rewards app on the Xbox and check the quests. Microsoft says the progress will get updated as players complete their quests.

Worth much more than just reward points

Microsoft started adding quests at the start of 2018. But those quests were very generic, and only a few of them offered reward points. Then in the second half of the year, the company introduced achievements related to specific games. However, they were not tied to the reward points.

Now, with the new Game Pass quests, Microsoft has finally hit a more meaningful approach to encourage users to play more games. Moreover, these new quests would also help guide players to chose the right games from the hundreds of games in the Xbox Game Pass.

Also, the quests would encourage players to try a new category of games. For instance, a player comfortable with shooting and sports games, may try an adventure or strategy game in order to earn reward points. In fact, one of January’s Game Pass quests challenges players to get an achievement in a minimum of three different games in different genres.

The Xbox Game Pass quests could also prove a fun way for players to get more value from their Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. The service gives members access to more than 100 games. These games include several first-party titles, like Gears of War series, Forza Horizon 4, Sea of Thieves and more.

So, if you are serious about getting these reward points, then you should hurry up as you have less than a month to complete the January quests. The next set of quests will unlock on February 4. To start earning, go to the Xbox Game Pass membership segment on the Xbox One and click on the quests.

Microsoft Xbox Game Pass – what it offers?

Additionally, the service also gives members day-one access to all the upcoming games from Microsoft, like Crackdown 3. The service offers third-party titles as well, and new games are added each month. Members are allowed to download as many games as they want from the catalog and play them as long as they remain subscribed to the service.

For Microsoft, the Xbox Game Pass service is a recurring revenue stream and a way to earn money from the older titles. On the other hand, for the gamers, it is a cost-effective way to play a variety of games that would otherwise cost them much more.

If you plan to subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass, it will cost $1 for the first month and $10 for subsequent months.

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