World War 3 Worries Mount As Ukraine Threatens To Boil Over

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Many Russians believe World War 3 may be on the horizon if the U.S. supplies arms to Ukraine. That’s according to a recent poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Study Center (via Russia Beyond the Headlines).

Poll: Russians worry about World War 3

The poll indicates that about 42% of Russians think weapons deliveries to Ukraine from the U.S. would spark World War 3. Researchers also discovered that 18% think the U.S. will further ratchet up the pressure in the Ukraine crisis by sending weapons, and 1% believe arms deliveries from the U.S. will destroy the Ukrainian state, spark an arms race and further destroy the relationship between Russia and the U.S. and Ukraine.

Additionally, 33% of the 1,600 Russians who took part in the poll were undecided on what might happen if the U.S. supports Ukraine by supplying weapons. The poll was conducted on Feb. 14 and 15 in 132 localities in 46 different regions of Russia.

Why might the U.S. supply Ukraine?

The pollsters stated that 35% of the participants believe the U.S. wants to increase hostility in the region, which they think is why Washington might supply Kiev with weapons. The poll indicates also that 6% of participants believe the U.S. wants Ukraine to remain unstable for some time yet, while 5% suggest that the U.S. wants to weaken Russian in order to increase its influence in Europe or have a reason to move some of NATO’s bases closer to the Russian border.

Four percent of those who participated in the poll said the U.S. wants to take over Ukraine, while 3% think the U.S. wants to take over the entire globe. Another 28% were unsure or hesitant to believe that the U.S. wants to dominate the world.

The pollsters learned that 23% of those who responded think Moscow shouldn’t do anything if the U.S. starts supplying Ukraine with weapons. Of those who think Russia would respond, 14% believe Moscow should provide backing for the Donbas militia, and 8% said they think Russia should prepare for World War 3. Another 10% think diplomacy is the better solution.

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