World War 3: Russia Deploys 6,000 Troops In Arctic Region

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Some experts argue that World War 3 is imminent, other have said that it has already started with the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Even if it hasn’t started, political and military activities worldwide suggest that Russia will most likely be the precursor of the World War 3. In the past two months, Russian president Vladimir Putin has threatened the West three times with Russia’s 5,000 nuclear warheads.

Russia increasingly hostile towards the West

And now, Putin has deployed over 6,000 troops in the Arctic region in response to NATO’s recent interest in Arctic oil. United States, Canada, Norway and Denmark also covet the oil and gas-rich region. Since the oil is at stake, the potential for a conflict is very high. Further, Poland has expressed fears that Russia could grab more of the Baltic states after occupying Crimea. In the past few months, Putin has become increasingly hostile towards the West.

Recently, a Russian submarine was spotted in Swedish waters. Swedish military has been looking for the mysterious submarine. The situation escalated as NATO reported that Russian fighter jets were intercepted near the search area. As the search for Russian submarines continues, Sweden prime minister Stefan Lofven announced that the country would increase its defend spending.

Dispute over Arctic oil could trigger the World War 3

Examiner says that any escalation in recent events could trigger the World War 3. Whole world seems to be on the edge. About 100 years ago, assassination of the Arch-Duke Ferdinand marked the beginning of the World War I. Now, Putin is sending troops to defend oil. NewsWeek says Russia is engaged in a much broader power game. For instance, only one Russian military ship was seen near Latvian waters. This year, more than 40 have been spotted.

The oil and gas-rich Arctic region has been described as the second Middle East. It holds an estimated 17% to 30% of the world’s total oil reserve. Researchers estimate that the world’s oil will run out by 2060. Countries are in a race to grab oil rich regions. The oil reserves around Senkaku Islands is the main reason behind the China-Japan conflict. So, we won’t be surprised if oil triggers the World War 3.

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