World War 3 Starting? Russia Fires On Ukraine: NATO

World War 3 Starting? Russia Fires On Ukraine: NATO
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NATO reports that Russian forces have moved artillery units into Ukraine and begun using them to fire and Ukrainian forces, furthering concerns about World War 3 and ratcheting up the pressure in what is already a tense situation. The New York Times reports that this is the first evidence the West has had that Russia is directly supporting the rebel forces in Ukraine, although it has been suspected for some time.

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Ukraine crisis escalates

Russia has increasingly been making strides into eastern Ukraine, first sending a convoy with provisions into the region without permission from Kiev. Now, however, the situation has become much more serious.

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Since the middle of this month, NATO has been receiving reports that the Russian military is directly involved in the unrest in eastern Ukraine. A NATO spokesperson said the reports indicated that “Russian airborne, air defense and special operations forces” moved into the region. Now, she says there is Russian artillery support, not just across the border, but also from inside Ukraine as Russia battles the Ukrainian military.

Russia criticized by NATO

NATO condemned Russia’s move into Ukraine, including the “so-called humanitarian convoy” that went into the country without the permission of Ukrainian officials. NATO also blasted Russia’s decision not to involve the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The statement from NATO adds that the developments in Ukraine “are even more worrying” because of the escalation in military involvement in Ukraine over the last week or so. Officials with the international agency said they saw “large quantities of advanced weapons, including tanks, armored personnel carriers and artillery” being transferred from Russia to Ukrainian separatist groups. In addition, the statement from NATO said that its representatives have seen “an alarming buildup” of Russian forces, including both air and ground, in Ukraine.

Is World War 3 imminent?

The crisis in Ukraine has been in danger of boiling over for weeks. This week Ukraine declared that Russia’s air convoy was an invasion. The Ukrainian military attacked a Russian convoy last week. Earlier this month, foreigners from Europe began traveling to Ukraine to fight on behalf of Kiev. The U.S. has also had its say on the situation, and some have criticized Washington’s “meddling.”

This week the U.S. also weighed in on the tensions in Pakistan, only to have its statements criticized there as well. Clearly the countries that are on the brink of war don’t want any outside involvement, and the U.S. is known for trying to get involved in other countries’ wars. Unfortunately to some, this may sound like a recipe for World War 3.

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  1. If you believe a war between Russia and NATO will not become a nuclear confrontation, you are dreaming…A nuclear war is coming. It will probably wait until sometime between 2020 and 2026 to explode across our world. If you are cheering for NATO to win it, you will be sorely disappointed. Russia and China are working on ways to contend with America (and NATO) that will make them far less vulnerable to America’s weapons than America will be to theirs. They will succeed spectacularly and end up making America’s armed forces look pathetic. America will then resort to using nuclear weapons–with very disappointing results. Russia and China will then turn her into a vast wasteland dotted with ruins….

  2. Ukraine is ruled by Jewish oligarchs working directly with Israel and Jewish NeoCons in the USA. This like all the rest if the recent wars is Jewish instigated.

  3. WW2 started with Hittler sending his SS special forces to atack German post guard in the poland/germany boarder dressed with Poland army uniforms just to have an excuse to invade Poland…

    Wars are made of lies and interest, Hitler wanted to conquer and he used excuses to do it… right now Russia wanted Crimea region, because it was a strategical spot wich acess to the black sea, and if you notice the map, Russia only had acess to the northen Sea from their territory, wich is frozen most of the time during the winter, that geographical situation, imposed severe limitations to their “logistics”, so having Crimea again would give them another choice, but thats not it… Crimea is a peninsula, surrounded by Sea and Ukrain territory, Russia dont have any way of using terrestial link into Crimea and make use of the sea ports, so… what is happening? Russia is armying “suposed” pro-Russian Ukranian separatists, to turn Donetsk region state also an “independent” state, that would next be join to Russia as a country just like Crimea… why? because with Donetsk they would finaly link the Russian territory with Crimea, having a now a the possibility to have rails or roads to use military or any other operations…

    This situation in Ukrain was everything about this, it started with instability caused by a corrupt Ukranian government (pro-russian) wich caused mass damage to their own Economy, making total recession on the country and increasing riots over the country, while this happened, the Russian Government started to payout mercenaries in the Crimea region to create a pro-russian movement, in order to create conditions to the region become so instable they would vote to leave Ukrain and become Russia…
    the same tecnique is being used in Donetsk, the difference is that Ukrain have now another government… and they are fighting suposed “rebels” that are no less than Russian mercenaries, supported military by Russia… so in other words…

    besides Nato warnings to Russia, they do not care, and they will keep with the agend, Russia wants and allready have Crimea (besides legit no recognition by Ukranian government), they also need Donetsk to link the territory, and they will have it…

    So, WW3 will happen, NATO dont want this kind of situation to happen, Ukrain is an independent country and its being sploited by Putin greediness, there is no other way of puting the story, Russia is trying to conquer territory from other country using social instability tactics to have an excuse…

  4. It is self-evident that you are the only one retarded here, you fuck face. I did not say that Obama is Hitler in terms of killing the Jews but rather that he’s a Hitler-like tyrant who uses his power and position in order to both oppress and exploit the weaker countries. And that goes for the entire US government…

  5. if you think Obama is like Hitler, you are seriously retarded…How many Jews did Obama send to the gas chambers and cremation ovens? Yeah, pretty sure you need to just shut the fuck up, dumbshit…

  6. “The Russians won’t launch their ICBMs if the don’t want to be annihilated. “…ever hear of tactical nukes that travel at 5 mach+ with?….well the Russians have them. As soon as you put boots on the ground they will be wiped out…you send planes from airports… the airport is gone…and pretty soon the only option is to launch ICBMs or have all of your deployed forces destroyed. Whether you like it or not the world is divided into spheres of influence and the only way to change a sphere of influence is through diplomatic means.

    “Because after Russia conquers Ukraine it will attack Poland or Romania or Baltic States “…. why would they do that? There is nothing for them to gain in these territories. It would be a bigger mistake than the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. They want a referendum to be held to decide which territories do not join the EU sphere of influence.

    “The Russians think that they are superior to any other nation in the world “….Do you yourself think that(being Russian)? There are a few nuts in every country that want to “rule the world”. Ever ever hear of American exceptionalism?….I remember Hitler thought the Aryans were also pretty exceptional.

  7. What freedom are you referring to Chad? You do realize that there are 183 sovereign nations in the world with more freedoms than the Americans have, right?

  8. what is step by step sanctions doing? Best is to let Russia drink their own resources. And then we will see if Putin has an answer to that. Besides China is paying only lip service and have no interest in Russia grabbing other territiry for Russia.

  9. We side with countries that want a free and democratic world not countries that want dictatorships/communism,and other ignorant idealisms.If you threaten freedom you will pay-too late to blame America for your own problematic thinking.We have traitors ,weaklings,and tyrants right here in the good ol’ USA.If you fit in any of those categories,I feel sorry for you.I think many people forget that we live today off the blood of those who fought valiantly for our freedom.We have enemies-get used to it. If you would rather trample on the constitution,God,and democracy,that is YOUR affair.You will be weeded out and reap the rewards of your own choices.

  10. Those were two completely different countries, the one in World War II was the Soviet Union….. the one today is the Russian Federation. They are completely different, the Russian Federation is a Christian country like Greece. The Soviet Union was an ally of the British and the United States in World War II and they took the brunt of the German attack but kept advancing, without the Soviet Union, the Germans would have racked up a lot more kills of American and British soldiers and the war would have lasted longer. China has a larger army than Russia, perhaps you would also like the nuke them? Maybe you would like to nuke Israel too? As I mentioned before, the Russian Federation is a Christian country, the US has been having a lot of problems with Islamists in places like Iraq…… put 2 and 2 together….. so maybe if there was better diplomacy in place, Russia and the US could handle the threat of Islamist terrorists together, but that’s not going to happen if they keep poking at each other….. Moscow is one city in Russia, do you think there are not other cities in Russia with people? Nuking a nation of people just because you don’t agree with them politically is not a good reason for dropping nukes. If that was the criteria, then a lot of other countries would have been nuked too and we’d be living in a planet of radioactive dust. Keep thinking the French are the allies of the US, meanwhile they spit on American culture and hate the English language, the French could care less about the fate of the US and the struggles of the US. Just look at how the French badmouthed the US in Iraq as an example….. the French will leave you to die. Meanwhile everyone badmouths the Russians……… really.

  11. It’s the government sock puppets that spread the “Russian troll” nonsense. It’s a psy-op. Then the primitive among us grab onto it and run with it.

  12. Make no mistake, in 2014 Patton would be rolling his tanks through DC and using the guts of our politicians to grease the treads of his tanks. He was an American, not a fascist.

  13. All of these comments would not have been made, if, in WW2, our Government, had allowed Gen.Patton to go into Russia, as he wanted to, because he KNEW then, what they would become, and ARE today, as a military force. Had we nuked Moscow then, they would”nt be a threat now! TOO LATE!!! Peace lovers and Democrats of that time, have sealed our fate today.

  14. Sorry George to make fun of your ridiculously bias analysis of the Ukrainian situation. It was too over the top for a serious retort. I will admit that I shouldn’t have implied “screw you.” But, there it is. Next time, I’ll just call you an idiot.

  15. I’d prefer it if both western and eastern finally agrees to press the NUKE the damn world button.

    All this posturing and drama for what? More lies!

  16. Same o Lame o, more lies to trigger WW3.

    Since the shooting down of the civilian plane loaded with Dutchies didn’t trigger WW3…let’s just lie some more.

    I think it would be faster to just claim Russia gave them seperatists WMD!

  17. Society seems a little disorganized.

    Honestly, I’m just a 21 year old with no political knowledge. Rest assured I could probably fix this issue quickly, but I guess we have to rely on Obama.

    I’ll ask him to do something when he decides to listen to the “people” and once he returns from his vacation he’s currently on playing golf.

  18. The Russians won’t launch their ICBMs if the don’t want to be annihilated. I’m not saying that it would be a good idea to invade Russia, I’m saying that we should protect small countries from Russia. They have deployed their forces in Ukraine, there is no need to attack their heartlands.
    Because after Russia conquers Ukraine it will attack Poland or Romania or Baltic States (all NATO members). It is much easier to stop them now than it would be in a few years.
    The Russians think that they are superior to any other nation in the world (I know that quite well because I was born in Russia and have lived most of my life there) and they won’t to return to their “historic borders” (that includes all eastern and parts of western Europe, part of Turkey, Alaska, etc.). Does this sound familiar to you?

  19. I’m an ex-Russian and I know very well what our/their military looks like. Their airforce have 1200 planes and only half of them is flying. Their military isn’t strong enough to quickly defeat Ukraine that doesn’t had any military at all in February (okay the had 6000 man and plenty of rusted vehicles and ammunition left from Soviet Union). Russia has strong enough special forces (still their training is worse than training of US Marines) and very capable anti-air defence (S-300, Buk and other SAMs). But the vast majority of their army are a conscripts who have not been allowed to use their rifles during their entire service.

  20. So, how long Humanitarian aid should wait ? Until all civilian will die ? Is body bags for woman and children qualify as Humanitarian aid ?

  21. Notice to Russian Trolls. There is no Russian, FEDERATION. Russia is just Russia; one single country with a KGB dictator from the Cold War days attempting to gobble up smaller neighbors, and although a fairly large military, no match against NATO. As the economic sanctions noose tightens and strangles the Russian economy the people there should wake up and “smell the roses.” They have themselves a self elected thug in the Kremlin whom the sooner they can rid themselves of the better the entire planet will be.

  22. The people of Crimea VOTED to become part of Russia. The Ukrainian government is wrong for trying to stop the aid because people are dying. Russia is the only country that is actually doing something to help the civilians trapped in the fighting.

  23. Did you not read my comment? “Movie Red Dawn COULD become a reality”. If you saw the movie you would understand. Emphasis on the could. If there is another major war our resources would be committed elsewhere.

  24. I hope that both western and eastern leaders will now came to logical idea that it is time to stop all fire there and sit behind table and work out some solution wich all parties there can accept as reasonable.It is possible and should be done wright now!!! All this mess should end now.

  25. Alex, are you naturally silly? Or do you work at it? Hitler’s spirit haunts Kiev. It tells the Ukrainian Nazis and their fascist buddies what to do. Putin is the hero of this saga. He stands in the way of monsters and their bankster masters….

  26. This article is ridiculous. The way that America and the EU act is ludicrous. Obama and his European toadies should be ashamed of themselves for their crimes in the Ukraine….

  27. Please – Ukraine’s oil and gas wouldn’t even come close to paying for the actual American involvement itself. Remember Iraq? Remember how expensive it was? Its more than just oil and gas.

  28. Easy. Example #1: “This week Ukraine declared that Russia’s air convoy was an invasion.” What AIR convoy? Isn’t that AID convoy? Example #2: “The Ukrainian military attacked a Russian convoy last week.” In reality the Ukrainian government just SAID that Ukrainian military destroyed the most/part of some convoy. However there are no signs that that convoy was there and/or signs that it was destroyed.

  29. sadly we are animals, and as animals we are a aggressive one and it is foolish to say make love not war because that is impossible…sadly that is reality

  30. it will be considered either a betrayal by the Western Allies….again or WW3 if America, Nato, or EU gets involved with Ukraine or Palestine situation. Putin is now a Hitler type person in which they need to stop him

  31. if there is a ww3, nobody will even come close to the us military power, on top of that we have most of the western world on our side

  32. Ukraine for last more than 20 years was and is now the one of the most corrupted country on earth.
    Each next president was worse than the previous one – Kravchuk, Kuchma, stupid nationalist Yushchenko who after Orange Revolution got any credits from
    West possible and didn’t use them properly and he is the blame that criminal Yanukovich was elected and destroyed what left
    The now president oligarch Poroshenko for the last 10 years took the most highest positions in Ukrainian government and what the country did achieve? Zilch !!
    During centuries of it’s existence the nation never had and don’t have now smart leaders.
    I predict that the worst for the Ukraine is still ahead. Ukrainian economy was very bad and now is totally destroyed
    Ukrainians, blame yourself first – and then Russia !!!
    No one western media tells that in 2001 ukrainian military forces shoot down russian passengerjet over the Black Sea (you can easyly google it) and denied for years till russians and international experts proved it.
    And what happen. That time ukrainian president Kuchma just responded simple: – What can we do now ?. It just happen already
    Almost no any compensation was given to the victims’ families
    Ukraine gave up it’s nuclear weapons because it is so pour and corrupted couldn’t afford to service it properly. That’s why the West pushed Ukraine to gave up the nuclear and came with promises.
    But promises it’s just promises
    If Ukraine was decided to keep it’s nuclear weapon s after USSR collapsed the world would have one more Chernobyl. And maybe like few Chernobyls
    West understands that and absolutely don’t need such a country but just using Ukraine as a card in a play to shaken Russia.
    But now after Russia took economic contra-sanctions against West and mostly Europe started to feel it – the sanctions are driving the recessionary forces pretty much hard country Ukraine what more than 20 year of independence didn’t build any real democracy, reasonable economy and just destroyed what it even had during Soviet time.
    Crimea and Eastern Ukraine -called Novorossia – for hundred years was part of Russia and durin totalitarian Soviet times they were just presented to Ukraine despite the majority of their population were ethnic russians who were pretty much oppressed and cursed in present Ukraine
    As both sides staying pretty much firm against each other what else can we expect? If cold war starts it will be not the war similar WW1 or WW2. And that’s the price West should pay for the corrupt
    Instead a conclusion just the question: what the West is fighting for? Just for the bright idea of freedom and democracy? Not to allow Russia to get stronger and move further to bite off more from Europe, like Poland, Baltic countries, Romania, Bulgaria? Ridiculous thought.
    Long before Russia took over Crimea it was a lot if anti-russian hysteria in Ukraine
    Here the link shows thousand of ukrainian kids long before Russia took over Crimea shouting offensive/obusive nikname about russian – “moskali” and ‘to hang all of them”
    They called it Lesson of a Patriotism:
    Here what ukrainian nationalist during the WW2 did to jews in than ukrainian city of Lvov. Of course most of you don’t read the language but the photos are clear You can use Goodle Translator maybe to read the text.
    I’m far away not Putin’s fan.
    But it looks like the american and western propaganda is absolutely hypocryticalSince every time we arm someone they end up attacking another country, how long do you think before ukraine thugs set their sights on poland?
    Seems to be our rich history! arming AQ, ISIS, IRAQ, IRAN, HAMAS, THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, wow this list just goes on and on…. and betraying our allies like Egypt, Israel, etc..
    The problem is that Russia is USA competitor in the world’s energy supply business and has the biggest commodities reserves in the world.
    The real threat to US and Europe is ISIS and other terrorists. The US better leave Russia alone and wake up and pay a lot more attention to what ISIS could do.
    But now Russia really is just trying to help the innocent civilians in Ukraine that got bombed by the Kiev military. Russians allowed any western Red Cross representatives and journalists to go in and check what is in the trucks – just humanitarian aid.
    They’re not sneaking anything in. The US Gov., EU, and NATO just look very paranoid the way they always scream and yell about everything that Russia does.
    America needs to shut up and stay out of it because Ukraine is not a member – Russia is not a threat to the US.
    Most likely the problem is that Russia is USA competitor in the world’s energy supply business and has the biggest commodities reserves in the world.
    The real threat to US and Europe is ISIS and other terrorists. The US better leave Russia alone and wake up and pay a lot more attention to what ISIS could do.

  33. Uh….I don’t remember History class all that well, but I do recall that one country attacking another country does not confirm WW3.

  34. US since 1991 the Gulf 1st war then the Iraq war in 2002 then the Afghanistan War then the Syria, the Arab region control then……. is fully busy with a full magnitude war and being in war status. In that interval his historic rivals China, Russia and semi power countries like Iran and India became fatter and fatter. They utilized this gap after finishing of the Cold War. Now the ground is fully paved for a WWIII and you all will see that sooner or later.

  35. People seem to forget the reason Russia wants this territory back is for its industrial manufacturing and strategical military importance just like crimea and there willingness to do it the way its being done should be of grave concern to us all.

  36. Russians must be stopped or consequences are dire for your own households. Wake up America if you don’t want a dictatorship spreading ! Back to Hitler days !.

  37. You seem not to know how powerful the Russian Federation is you put Nato in there Russia will send its air force and Nukes and attack the USA, Russia is not Iraq they are a superpower I’m not making this up go Google top superpowers and educate yourself

  38. You seem not to know how powerful the Russian Federation is you put Nato in there Russia will send its air force and Nukes and attack the USA, Russia is not Iraq they are a superpower I’m not making this up go Google top militaries

  39. For America”s own good stay out of it and forget about the Ukraine Oil and Gas lines you want, You don’t want WW3 or even fight the Superpower Russian Federation to avoid Nuclear War the West must Chill.

  40. You are an idiot. And what do you think will follow ? Sitting in your comfy sofa eating chicken wings and watching everything live on CNN ? YOU DUMB ASS AMERICAN !

  41. Then only thing main street about you is your ignorance. You really need to educate your self so you can contribute something. I have read your other post and honestly you have a turd mouth on you that needs adjusting for sure.

  42. I have been saying this for 6 months, Russia and Ukraine, Iraq and Syria, Israel and Gaza, the world is erupting with war zones, even the U.S./Mexican border is becoming a war zone. And the sooner we wise up to this and do what we have to, to ensure American’s are safe and our enemies destroyed the better. This is no time for political correctness and diplomacy it is time to increase our military and prepare for the coming battles.

  43. World War 3? C’mon Michelle. Where’s a quote from an expert about the brink of WW III. It’s “journalists” like you who give the rest a really bad name. You’re just trying to make a name for yourself and ad clicks for your employer. Most of the crap you wrote is nothing but your personal opinion and has nothing to do with the reality of the situation. Your background for the story was obviously done in your hot tub using the Internet.

  44. You my good sir are obviously not familiar with the concept of mutual assured destruction… it has existed for the past 60-70 years….the great powers will never fight each other directly. They will only fight through proxies like Ukraine for example. Also my guess is you really have no idea why Hitler was allowed to violate the treaty of Versailles and build up and army(you see he didn’t have nukes all the British had to do was arrest him)…. the plan was to have Nazi Germany and the USSR destroy each other.

  45. Yeah that would explain the huge amount of sabotage in the Ukrainian army….my guess is they don’t even give these people weapons otherwise all the commanders would be dead by now.

  46. I stopped reading after “u.s has many more nuclear weapons than russia”…you sir have no idea what you are talking about.

  47. Yes! Write with more big letters they convince people so much better than facts…if you want to fight and die for Ukraine be my guest it is a free country pack your bags and go, but don’t cause the end of the world with this nonsense.

  48. NATO army can wipe out Russian army as good as it did with Iraq in 1990. They would not dare to attack because they know that it would be a suicide.
    Also if Hitler would have been stopped only when he started his invasions, there would have been no WW2. History repeats.

  49. Key words in your statment “DOES NOT have popular support in the entire country of Ukraine “….This is a local issue that needs to be solved via a referendum…unless you consider genocide an option.

  50. You speaketh the truth David. The people that are fighting for Ukraine from theirarmchairs would be the first ones running away if a draft was imposed. The people that have seen war never want war.

  51. First of all Ukraine did take Crimea from Russia in 1954. Second this has nothing to do with Crimea. How about the EU opens up the flood gates and all of those Ukrainians that want to live in the EU go and live there? Problem solved?

  52. Yep your taxes would decrease and American companies would have to move back home since they would no longer be able to get killer deals with overseas governments due to their special link with the global police….oh and we might actually live to see the next president.

  53. …What if somebody wants a war and some of those ground troops you just deployed happen to be ambushed and wiped out…what then?….send more? or find the local priest and confess your sins before you are reunited with god or not?

  54. If this is the famed Budapest memorandum I think the “sticky details” you are referring to is the fact that nobody ratified it except Ukraine.

  55. I beg to up on how Ukraine ended up asking the Russian empire for help in exchange for unification with Russia(treaty of Pereyaslav 1654…longer than the US has been a nation) against Poland which led to the war between Russia and the Polish commonwealth. Ukraine is the name given to a lot of territories on the outskirts of the Russians empire…you will not find on any map a state that has existed within the current borders of Ukraine so it is only logical to hold referendums and change these borders if it will stop a pointless war. As for the second part of your comment as soon as you provide some proof I will be more than happy to look at it.

  56. Ethnic Russians are fighting with Russian invaders in Ukranian military. 79-th brigade from Nikolaev, 95-th and 25-th brigade from Dnepropetrovsk, 28-th brigade from Odessa, 94-th brigade from Kharkov, 55-th brigade from Zaporojie, Donbass (from invaded Donetsk) and Azov (from liberated Mariopil) volunteer battalions and many many others. Commander of Ukrainian army have studied in Leningrad. The only enemy to ethnic Russians in Ukrain are Russians from Russian Federation.

  57. How many nukes do you think it takes to bring the end of the world? It won’t matter which millitary was stronger after the first couple of impacts…..Take out a map find Ukraine and find Russia….then find the US…I think it is obvious that the side that is fighting at its gates is the side that is willing to take more risks, so unless you are ready to live in a bunker for the rest of your life lets just hope that cooler heads start to prevail. Oh and fyi if you think that the Russians will be defeated by “sanctions” I suggest you read up on all the pain and suffering that these people have endured throughout history. If they believe that there is an enemy at the gate they are willing to put up with anything….read up on the blockade of Leningrad to get a perspective.

  58. I doubt if this writing is coming from someone claiming to have a reading culture. Started the whole what? Those Russians in Ukraine are on their land and have the right to a dignified life on their own land.

  59. Just a deployment of NATO ground troops in Ukraine would stop the war immediately. There would be no need to take part in the war, just a presence of NATO army would be enough to stop Putin.
    Also there is an option of air strikes. Ukrainian military seems to be capable of fighting the ground war on their own.

  60. I think you are not familiar with the rules of NATO. No country that has disputed territorial claims can be admitted. Just out of curiousity why do you think NATO wants to “protect them” and from what exactly?

  61. Ok lets try a little bit of reason. Do you agree with the live and let live premise? If you do I think you will agree with this….Ukraine was part of a bigger country called the Soviet Union…they were allowed to form their own country peacefully(nobody sent in tanks and shelled cities), but as it turned out the borders of this new country that was formed just some 20 odd years ago were drawn very arbitrarily. So if it is ok for Ukraine to leave the Soviet Union why is it not ok for some provinces that were never supposed to be a part of Ukraine to form their own nation(via referendum obviously)? Would that not be better for everbody? Do you really consider murdering 7 million people an alternative?

  62. dude , you obviously are ignorant! and the 5 thumbs up are,,, quit playing your STUPID WAR VIDEO GAMES MAN!!! war is not a game

  63. It’s about NATO intervening in this case though, not one country. NATO was supposed to bring Ukraine in as a NATO ally in 2008 and for many years prior. Since then RUssia is in a panic and now the next NATO mtg is in a couple of weeks when something could happen, although hopefully an emergency vote can be taken with the paperwork already in place to bring Ukraine into NATO and protect them, Moldova and Georgia immediately.

  64. Humanitarian aid and any emergency aid after a disaster MUST be requested. You do not self-deploy aid. It is a ruse of trucks full of guns and body bags so Russia can slaughter those who oppose the rebels and take the bodies back to their own border.

  65. Olympics ceremonies can tell you a whole lot about Putin’s Grand Scheme and his delusions of grandeur not unlike Hitler thinking he is going to take over the world.

  66. Those trucks are not aid they are guns, poison and body bags so Russia can carry out a mass slaughter of anyone opposing them and then truck the bodies back to Russia to prevent being caught. Putin is Hitler and this must be stopped now before it becomes 2 countries or 3 or 4.

  67. That’s the problem, all the old folk wanna live in the past and wallow in this hatred they have for past enemies…….

  68. just because you are old and die anytime now doesnt mean u want to take us with you, if the US think it was that easy they would already done it. a war with russia means world change as we know it millions will b dead everywhere act accordingly to your age and leave the bravado thing for young dumb kids that they dont know better

  69. Do you even know how World War I started? You need to stop listening to your own line of BS and start taking a look at the real world.

  70. Why don’t you point out a few examples, and enlighten us. Of course, include web links to back up your information so we know you’re not blowing smoke.

  71. who wrote this article? its full of shit and grammatical errors… i cant believe something like this will get published without proper editing. The writer is just so ill informed.

  72. Why those lies again? I am ashamed of you, are brainwashing us, American people, again and again..I know a few languages and read or listen to different kind of news…tell the truth at least once..and you say, it’s free are all controlled by someone…

  73. The ethnic Russian Ukrainian PEOPLE, who didn’t start the whole thing, who were living their lives, are now being bombed, strafed, murdered and forced from their homes. This is Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing and you are an idiot. A clueless idiot.

  74. NATO should launch a massive nuclear 1st strike. If the Russians are smart, they will launch first. That is why the attack should begin now, or as soon as all the missiles are targeted. It should start within 24 hours, for sure.

  75. So once again.. ZERO PROOF. Just like last week. The NY Times should be disbanded as an organization and their so-called writers and editors put up on charges for treason against humanity. This could serve as a lesson to CNN/MSNBC/FOX.

  76. Wanting nothing to do with Russia is reckless aggression? Suppressing an insurgency that DOES NOT have popular support in the entire country of Ukraine is reckless aggression?

    The USA has to deal with Cuba and Venezuela, friendly to Russia, right on a doorstep. It’s time for Russia to #deal_with_it and accept some people who don’t like it on their doorstep.

  77. When you use a term or word mixed in with Obama’s name as a kind of joke, (so old) you lose all credibility as a person with anything worth listening too. Now go brush your tooth..

  78. NATO is called weak for not doing anything, and accused of meddling when they do.

    Someone better wake up in Russia and soon.

  79. what has the West got to loss if Russia acquires Eastern Ukraine, would they loss their position as the world police or what?

  80. protect ethnic Russians when they started the whole thing to begin with? read once in a while. this look doesn’t suit anyone. smh. you can’t really be that dumb

  81. NATO ! Anybody who will block humanitarian help should be stand trial at the International Criminal Tribunal for crime against humanity

  82. ISIL isn’t starting WW3? Hamas firing 1000’s of rockets at Israeli Civilians isn’t starting WW3? The Civil War in Syria isn’t starting WW3? But Russia finally stepping in to protect the Ethnic Russians in the Ukraine is starting WW3? Okay, I guess.

  83. calibra, u are the biggest fool this whole world. u defend the people u started killing what an irony. a people where being destroyed by its own gov’ment Siria. Russia saw it as well done and blocked every step of the UN to provide humanitarian help. Today it suddenly knows what humanitarian assistance is. i have a feeling u are a member of ISIS.

  84. Cause major damage is understatement. Both countries nuclear arsenals would create enough fallout to block out the sun and irradadiate crops all over the world. No country is going to commit suicide to protect Poroshenko’s reckless aggression against a more powerful adversary. Do YOUR research.

  85. No one outside of Ukraine is going to die to protect Poroshenko’s government. You know this, I know this, and so does NATO. They have good reason to be scared…actually approximately 8,500 reasons to scared (Russia’s nuclear warhead count)

  86. The reference to Mall shopping is probably in reference to Dick Cheney’s comment after 9/11 on how Americans could help in the effort that would eventually lead to the Iraqi WMD fiasco.
    The other references are all well known foreign policy headaches – Jihadi type insurgencies, tit for tat policies with Russia, the nuclear weapon program of the Iranians, and the fat kid leading North Korea to ruin.
    I imagine the original post is nonsensical rambling to anyone who hasn’t been paying attention to world news for the last 15 years.

  87. With the coming declaration of War on ISIS It be announced as a global effort. suspending of the Constitution is imminent. The war will be on all religions. This is a heads up, get ready.

  88. research data online. russia’s military is strong, but lacks in comparison to the u.s. the u.s alone would send russia’s military wunning with their tails behind their backs. russia does have nuclear weapons, but the u.s has many more nuclear weapons than russia. at the very least both countries would cause major damage, but the u.s would decimate russia. again, do your research.

  89. Ukraine would lose an all out war against Russian PERIOD. End of discussion and no foreigner is going to risk their life to protect Poroshenko’s incompetence.

  90. Putin is insane, a total complete egomaniac with an Napoleon/Schwarzenegger complex. He is a psychological basket case with nuclear weapons and a naïve hyper-nationalist minded people that support him. Hey, except for the nukes, hasn’t this played out in Europe before.

  91. Germany, France, UK and the U.S could easily beat Russia. Unless if they decided to go straight to nuclear warfare. Which would be a real dick move.

  92. Poroshenko has choice… he can lose eastern Ukraine or he can lose all of Ukraine. In the end he will fail and the only difference will be the number of dead innocent people. He is fool and so are you for supporting his reckless aggression against a more powerful adversary.

  93. No but artillery inside Ukraine is. The world is overscared of Russia. NATo could polish off Russia pretty quickly, with sanctions if not with military might. A thorough combination of both would be the correct call — IMMEDIATELY.

  94. Movie Red Dawn could become a reality. While we are off fighting wars in the middle east which are rapidly brewing. Russia and North Korea maybe even China will invade western USA.

  95. all the WEAK NATO/EU and Waffling GB and Down right Dumb US/Obama all are Afraid and FEAR EVIL czar putin/SATAN and his mighty EVIL russian military.

  96. You wouldn’t know a fact to a Kalishnikov put to your head. The only fact that needs knowing is that Russia took a chunk of Ukraine and will keep taking more until someone with enough balls stops them.

  97. world war 3 will require more than what is happening right now in ukraine. if russia continues down this path, the sanctions are going to go to extremes and seriously hurt russia more than the u.s and europe. russia’s military is also not strong enough to mess with the u.s and the allies. putin might simply be looking forward to destabilizing the world powers, but i doubt he’s looking for full blown war.

  98. Cold War II, not World War III – or Afghanistan II. Soviet invasions of Hungary and Czechoslovakia did not start WWIII and a Russian invasion of Ukraine won’t either. Ukraine is a big place, and they have fought partisan actions against Moscow before. With plenty of support from the west they could make Putin’s USSR II a very messy place.

  99. Who is the idiot who wrote the article? Why would WW3 start if Russia attacks Ukraine?? Ukraine forces carpet bomb Lugansk and Donetsk for weeks now, people there have no food, no water, no electricity, civilian corpses all over the streets and west keeps its mouth shut?? Russian humanitarian convoy stood on border for 2 or more weeks, Kiev gov. made inspection as well as OSCE observers and they didnt find anything “suspicious” about it yet they didnt allowed it to pass the border while the humanitarian catastrophy is in eastern Ukraine and no one lifts a finger.

    I hope Putin defends the convoy as well as the people in those areas, carpet bombed by their own government. If Ukraine military wants to destroy the convoy i hope Russia will defend it by all means including military intervention.

  100. EVIL czar putin/SATAN can take kiev in less then12 hours and force Kiev to surrender and turn over Eastern Ukraine before the WEAK EU/NATO, WAFFLING GB and down Right Dumb US could react or even Scratch their butt holes.
    EVIL czar putin/SATAN is doing what evil hitler did and the WEAK EU and Waffling GB did nothing.

  101. I think Obama would like World War Three to start to get his sorry buttox out of his hot seat for his corrupt administration at all levels. I’m a retired Tank soldier, Tank Commander, Master Gunner, I know quite a few of us retired and ex-tank soldiers who could use an M1A1 on those Russians and kick their asses back to Moscow. With the addition of some AAA support from some American ADA guys with some American ADA equipment, we could chase those dirt bags back to Moscow. We only need a platoon of M1A1s, some mechanics and spare parts and some old crewmen who would love to nail those russian bastards. We don’t forget the Cold War.

  102. How old are YOU?! If you honestly think that Russia would defeat the European Union, you have been reading way too much American propaganda. Get your head out of your ass kiddo, Russia LISTENS to Merkel, not the idiot in the White House. And who do all you smart people think is going to pay for the United States to enter a war? With what money? They have crippled the middle class, there is NO money to support that wet dream of yours. You’re a typical fuc*tard Ruelas

  103. There is no ww3, it’s only eastern Ukrainian that is facing total annihilation & destruction from western Ukrainian, & Russia is trying to send in humanitarian aids, food, water, clothes, living appliances to salvaged the lives of civilians from poverty-stricken eastern Ukraine..

  104. Funny….When the US does not intervene, We are called upon to do so. When we do intervene, we are told not too. Can’t win.

  105. EVIL czar putin/SATAN has convince the EVIL russian people that Down Right Dumb US is Stealing Ukraine from Evil russia. Evil czar putin/SATAN does Not care what the WEAK EU/NATO and WAFFLING GB say . Evil czar putin/SATN Evil russian military is Stronger and mighty then what the Weak WEST has.

  106. Ukraine did not take Crimea from Russia as far as i know. Russia pretty much wants to annex Ukraine and it is Putin’s dream to reestablish the former USSR. Everyone knows that. Is the Ukraine government wrong for stopping Russia’s foreign aid? Absolutely not. They are being invaded under one guise or another. If Russia is so concerned about its people there, why does it not get out of Crimea, take its people, and leave Ukraine alone?

  107. Ukraine isn’t going to precipitate WWIII. The first two world wars came about because countries were attacked or declared war, treaties kicked in, and it began to fall like dominoes. No treaties exist with Ukraine that would precipitate this.

  108. WW3 started about 15 years ago. American’s were…and are still…at the Mall shopping. One day we will wake up and realize in order to win this must be a Total War Commitment. Until then we will play Whack-A-Mole with the Jiadi’s, Red Line in the Sand with Russia, and can you build that Nuke before Israel bombs you 1st with the Iranians. The good news is NK is falling apart o it’s own…ZERO thanks to Obama!

  109. You are right. A war between the West and Russia would be tragedy beyond anything the world has seen. I can’t believe some people are so ignorant as to wish for something like that.

  110. America wants to be the police of the world they can start any war in the world no one dose anything England and the EU are moppets for the Yankees, America will start world war 3 not Russia or China America suck
    America can not fight they are not a superpower they need nato all the time for back up to go to war America has been starting wars since 400 years 1700 2014

  111. Russia bombed to the dark ages???????
    How old are you… 5???
    Russia would beat the shit out of Germany, France, and UK with one arm tied to the back. USA and Russia would destroy the world and that would be the end of it.
    USA and Russia would just split Europe again and thats most likely whats going to happen. Italy, Hungary, and other E. European countries will go with Russia and the rest would stay with the broke EU and USA.

  112. No one is going to risk their own country for an irresponsible Ukrainian government. No one came to help Georgia in 2008 or Moldova in 1990. Your coimment is foolish making such an unfounded assertion. An aid convoy isn’t an invasion genius.

  113. They delayed food and water to civilians and Russia legit to do what they are doing. Too bad the leader of Ukraine started this thinking he could get the US into the war and EU. They are all barred from it and even NATO won’t join in unless if Russians were to take Ukraine they become a threat to NATO countries. The cocky leader of Ukraine got himself into this being a fool to USA allowing McCain to start rioting and if they loose the country, good for them. After throwing himself on the most hated politic, joining the EU, putting his people at the mercy of EU politics, he committed treason to his own country and the only way to fix it now is to join Russia.

  114. so russia creates a humanitarian crisis and then proceeds to provide humanitarian support for the crisis they created in the first place?

  115. So, should I dare ask, “Putin, are you aiding the “separatist army?” LOL. Now, I guess we really don’t have to ask that silly question any more. Because Putin has sent his Russian Army into Ukraine. I guess he really does want Ukraine and not just Crimea after all. He sure is expending a lot of men, arms, and military might to get that land. Perhaps he is trying to get that “5 Billion” he is owed in LNG, out of Ukraine. It is stacking up to be WWIII pretty dang quick. Everyone will be involved and hopefully Russia will be bombed back into the dark ages.

  116. Poroshenko is so foolish for not accepting the ceaesefire offered by the rebels last week. It is clear that the Ukrainian government wants a war. Aid trucks entering the country to help civilians caught in the fighting doesn’t constitute an “invasion”. NATO and the U.S. are being so hypocritical about this situation. The U.S. truly invaded Grenada in 1983 and Panama 1989 under the same reasoning…to protect American citizens. But if Russia wants to help ethnic Russians it’s World War 3? Give me a break.

  117. Well here we are again Kiev has no credibility left and the three stooges Nuland (F**k EU), Kerry (Benedict Arnold Corporations) and VP Biden (Tell me it ain’t so Joe) are now participating in acts of genocide and their will be nowhere to hide now.

    Where is this evidence and even if it was so this crisis has called out for true intervention to stop the genocide. If compared to Libya and US actions I do not know why Russia has not already declared no fly zone and annihilated Ukrainian forces in East under humanitarian conditions.

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