Working From Home During The Pandemic [Study]

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At this point, working from home is no longer the strange thing to the majority of the working world. There are however many fascinating aspects of this pandemic-spurred era of remote work according to a recently released report.

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Working From Home Full-Time

An employment screening services and background check company named JDP recently surveyed more than 2,000 Americans who typically work in offices who are now working from home full-time to try and learn more about how much they’re working, productivity levels, and whether or  not they’re boss trusts them working remotely.

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When asked about how much people are working during the quarantine, they found that 77% of those surveyed said they are working different hours from home than they would at the office. 66% said they are more likely to work nights and weekends than before.

When asked about how productive you are working from home as opposed to in an office, 67% of Americans surveyed said their productivity is the same or better working from home, although 54% reported more distractions working from home.

Quantity Of Work During The Quarantine

When asked about how much you are working during the quarantine, 42% of surveyed respondents said they are working less than usual from home during quarantine, 33% reported working more.

Those who are working more said it was hard to keep boundaries between work and home life as the main reason, followed by having more work to be done and also trying to be extra valuable because they are afraid of losing their job.

Of the 42% of respondents who said that they were working less during quarantine from home, those working less reported having less work to do. This was followed by those who said they had trouble staying focused while working from home. The third most popular reason was people said it was hard to focus on work with everything happening currently in the world.

92% of respondents said they believe their boss trusts them working from home…and 86% say they’ve taken advantage of their freedom while working remote. Only 8% said they didn’t feel like their boss trusts them while working from home. 85% of workers said they believe their coworkers have taken advantage of being remote. Of those 1 in 3 who have had unexpected time off as part of the pandemic (reduced hours, furlough, etc), have just taken it easy and relaxed. The survey also asked if you have seen any coworkers outside of work, since quarantine started. 44% said yes and 56% said no.

The full study results can be seen in the graphic below.

Working From Home Pandemic

Working From Home Pandemic

Working From Home Pandemic

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