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Who Will Qualify For Christmas Bonus Checks Of Up To $1,500?

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Some government employees in Georgia could soon get Christmas bonus checks. These Christmas bonus checks are specifically for government employees in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Eligible government employees could get between $750 to $1,500 before Christmas.

Christmas Bonus Checks: Who Will Get Them?

Last week, the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners approved the plan to send Christmas bonus checks to eligible government employees. The objective of these bonus checks is to help employees offset the effects of inflation, as well as help the authorities retain employees.

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“Gwinnett residents deserve sustainable, high-quality county government services and those are made possible by a strong, reliable workforce," Nicole Hendrickson, Chairwoman of Board of Commissioners, said in a statement. "We intend to keep Gwinnett a preferred community where everyone can thrive by being the public sector employer of choice."

Hendrickson noted that the county has been facing difficulty in retaining first responders and utility workers, as well as filling hard-to-fill positions. Gwinnett County is using the budget savings realized during the 2022 fiscal year to send the one-time bonus checks.

Gwinnett County plans to send a one-time payment of $1500 to eligible full-time employees and $750 to regular part-time employees. The bonus checks are expected to go out on December 16.

All Gwinnett County school district employees were already eligible to get $1,000 this month. The new Christmas bonus checks, however, expands the range of employees eligible for the one-time payment. About 21,500 school district employees were eligible for the $1,000 bonus checks. The school district sent out bonus checks of $700 last year as well.

Along with approving one-time Christmas bonus checks, Gwinnett County also approved a pay raise for government employees.

Similar Payments From Other States

Another city in Georgia is also sending bonus checks to its employees. Last week, the Atlanta Board of Education approved a $1,000 payment for all eligible full-time staff and $500 for all eligible hourly, substitute and part-time employees.

Similar to the bonus payment from Gwinnett County, the payment from the Atlanta Board of Education serves as an “appreciation and retention stipend” just in time for the holiday season. The bonus payment to Atlanta Public Schools employees is expected to cost $10.9 million.

Several other states and counties are also sending bonus payments ahead of the holiday season. The Berlin Town Council in Maryland, for instance, approved sending $500 payments to municipal employees. A total of 60 employees will benefit from this one-time payment.

Jacksonville/North Pulaski School District in Arkansas is also sending bonus payments of up to $5,000 before the start of the holiday season. The amount of money depends on the type of gig you have with the schools. Teachers, for instance, will get $5,000; support staff qualifies for $2,500; while employees eligible under the district’s operating fund will receive a bonus payment of $500.

Eligible teachers in the Fort Smith School District in Arkansas will also get a one-time bonus payment of $1,500 before the holidays start.