How To Watch Sony PlayStation Neo Event On Sept. 7

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Tomorrow Sony will hold what many are hoping will be a very special live event called the PlayStation Meeting. At that meeting, many industry insiders, rumor mongers, and the press expect the Japanese tech giant to announce the launch of the PlayStation Neo console. Here’s how you can watch everything unfold live.

As you probably already are aware, Sony usually holds these events to announce new hardware. At this year’s event, it’s likely that we will see the PlayStation 4 Slim. However, it is the PlayStation Neo with its overclocked CPU and GPU that has everyone waiting with bated breath. So with the possibility that Sony could be showing off not one, but two pieces of hardware within the next 24 hours, you better make sure you don’t miss it.

What time will the event begin?

The PlayStation Meeting is set to start at 3 p.m. Eastern or 12:00 Pacific on September 7 at the PlayStation Theater in Times Square in New York.

If you are hearing alarm bells going off in your head because of this date and time, it’s because Apple will also be holding an event tomorrow where many expect it to announce the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. However, don’t let this schedule clash divide your attention. Apple’s event starts two hours before Sony’s, so you should get to see both the PlayStation Neo and Apple’s new products.

How to watch the PlayStation Neo launch online

Sony has always made it easy for gamers around the world to watch its live-streamed events on PCs, smartphones and tablets, and it is believed that tomorrow’s event will be no different.

As it currently stands, Sony has not revealed the address of the live stream video, but we will update you when this changes. There are three places worth mentioning that Sony is likely to stream the PlayStation Neo launch too, and they are the PlayStation Twitch feed,, and YouTube.

How to watch on a PS4

If you’re a current PlayStation 4 console owner, you can view the event live on that console. According to some rumors, there is a chance that Sony will provide an app to watch the live stream on it. If that is the case, all you would have to do is run it tomorrow and see what the PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation Neo have to offer.

Alternatively, you can watch the launch event live via Sony’s YouTube account on the console or on a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

How To Watch Sony PlayStation Neo Event On Sept. 7
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PlayStation Neo a more powerful console

While Andrew House, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, admitted that Sony was working on a more powerful version of the PlayStation 4 code-named Neo, he also suggested that the console dubbed the Neo was not going to be the next generation. Instead, he suggested that it was an iteration (an improvement) of the technology that already exists.

PlayStation Neo 4K, VR

Many of the drivers behind Sony’s reasoning for the creation of the Playstation Neo come from the company’s need to take better advantage of emerging technologies for which the current PlayStation 4 is poorly equipped to deal with.

While the PlayStation Neo is not considered to be next-generation hardware, it will appeal to early adopters of 4K and virtual reality. Offering native support for 4K, games on the Neo will look much sharper than they do on the current system, especially if you are the owner of a super high definition television.

As for VR (virtual reality), Sony has its own PlayStation VR headset coming soon! Some rumors point to tomorrow as an event at which we could hear more about this. However, the common consensus is that it will be October before the device is launched. While this VR headset will be compatible with both the current console and PS4 Slim, it is thought that for the best VR gaming experience, the PlayStation Neo is required.

New games

Personally, if I were going to purchase a shiny new PlayStation Neo, I would want Sony to have some games to launch with it. That way I could see just how visually impressive the console could be. In June, House did mention that the console would not be launched without titles, but as of yet, nothing has leaked about them. VR games are likely to be launched in conjunction with the PSVR, so again nothing is yet known.

New DualShock controller

A couple of weeks ago when the first images of the PlayStation Slim leaked, there were also images of what looked like a new DualShock 4 controller. As far as how different this controller is from the previous, we can only guess. However, the lights look to have been made visible from the front. It is also possible that other changes have been made, such as it being more lightweight and having an improved wireless range; however, nothing solid is yet known.

So you now know where and how it could be possible to watch tomorrow’s PlayStation Neo and Slim launch. Plus, it’s clear that Sony’s next console should not be considered to be the next generation of gaming machine even though it is more powerful.

If you can’t wait to learn more about the Neo, here’s how it compares to the Xbox Scorpio, and here are the titles I think would make great 4K games.

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