Warren Buffett, John Templeton & Robert Wilson Discussing Investment Principles (1985)

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Interviews with legendary investors Warren Buffett, John Templeton and Robert Wilson. In the interviews, the gentleman explain their investment principles and how they view the stock market. They also discuss what makes them different and why they can beat the market.

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Video Segments: 0:00 Introduction 1:57 John Templeton 2:11 How can you invest from the Bahamas? 3:00 How do you know when the herd is not right? 3:57 Buying companies out of favour? 5:07 Taking money out of Japan? 6:15 Best countries to invest in? 6:54 Dow Jones prediction? 7:33 Takeover mania? 8:00 Academics say markets are efficient? 8:57 Do you pray for stocks to go up? 10:18 Warren Buffett 10:30 Most important quality for an investment manager? 11:15 What do you do that is different? 12:39 Isnt Omaha of the beaten track? 13:03 How can you stay away from Wall Street? 13:43 What is the intellectual process? 14:05 Have you ever bought a technology company? 15:26 You might not swing for 6 months? 15:49 You approach seems so simple? 16:48 Robert Wilson 17:36 How to do you survive in New York? 18:36 Investment principles? 19:57 How do you find companies? 20:12 Isn't the quality reflected in the price? 21:14 Shorting? 22:25 Bad experience in shorting? 23:51 Advice to young people? 24:15 End goal?

Interview Date: 1985 Event: Money World Original Image Source:http://bit.ly/BuffettPic, http://bit.ly/TempletonPic, http://bit.ly/WilsonPic


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