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Still waiting for third coronavirus stimulus check? Here’s easy way to contact IRS

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It’s been more than four months since Congress approved the third stimulus checks. Though the IRS is now almost done with sending out the payments, there are still some who haven’t yet received the payment. If you are among those still waiting for your third coronavirus stimulus check, then here is an easy way to contact the IRS about it.

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Coronavirus Stimulus Check: Easy Way To Contact IRS

Tracking your stimulus checks has always been a difficult task for many. The IRS always recommends using the portal to check the status of your payment, but using the portal itself could be difficult. To get information from the portal, you need to fill out relevant details, as well as navigate through endless menu links.

Now, there is a more convenient way to contact the IRS, and all you have to do is pick up your phone and call them. To contact the IRS, you need to call 800-919-9835. This is the IRS Economic Impact Payment phone number, and will connect you to a live representative.

Talking to a representative is usually a good option to get your work done. Moreover, it also helps to get answers to all your questions, including those for which you can’t find answers on the portal.

Since the distribution of the stimulus checks last year, the IRS has been flooded with enquiries. At the same time, the agency has faced staff shortages as well. Now, things are starting to return to normal, so calling the IRS directly will hopefully resolve your queries.

The above number won’t directly connect you to a human representative, rather a virtual assistant will answer your call. It (virtual assistant) will make every possible effort to answer your questions. However, if you insist on talking to a representative, the computer would eventually connect you to one.

Be sure to make your call to the IRS when you have some free time because connecting to a representative could take a while. Moreover, when you are calling, make sure you have your questions ready along with your basic personal details.

Scammers May Call Pretending To Be From IRS

A point to note is that you may now have an option to call the IRS on the above phone number, but you should never accept or believe a call from a person claiming to be from the IRS. Any call from a person claiming to be from the IRS is certainly a scam.

The IRS, on several occasions, has said it never calls anyone to inquire about their confidential information. As per the FTC.gov website, government agencies almost always contact citizens through U.S. mail.

“Scammers pretending to be from the government can rig up caller ID to look like a call is coming from the government. But the truth is: Government agencies usually will not call or email you — especially about something related to money,” the website says.