Vladimir Putin, Bill Cosby, Jusin Beiber, OJ Simpson All More Popular Than The IRS

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Vladimir Putin, Bill Cosby, Jusin Beiber All More Popular Than The IRS and other interesting facts!

WalletHub today released the results of its 2016 Taxpayer Survey – which are filled with fun facts about people’s opinions on tax prep, the IRS and more – in addition to six other tax resources that should help consumers avoid some angst this April.

Below, you can find a handful of highlights from the survey, followed by the full list of WalletHub’s 2016 taxpayer resources:

  • What We’d Do For A Tax-Free Future: 27% would get an “IRS” tattoo and 11% would clean Chipotle bathrooms.
  • Whom We Like More Than The IRS: Pope Francis is the most popular figure, with the support of 52% of people. Other notable results include: Hillary Clinton (30%), Donald Trump (22%), Vladimir Putin (12%) and Kanye West (10%).
  • Whom We’d Most Like To Punch: Donald Trump was the runaway winner for most deserving of a pop in the kisser (54%), with Hillary Clinton coming in a distant second (14%) and President Obama following closely behind (13%).
  • What We’d Rather Do Than Prepare Our Taxes: 35% would talk sex with the kids and 13% would spend the night in jail.
  • Our Biggest Tax Day Fears: Math mistakes are 40% scarier than identity theft.

Whatever you call it – a civic duty, a necessary evil or perhaps even a few choice expletives normally reserved for a Donald Trump rally – it’s no surprise that most of us dislike paying taxes. From the expense and hassle inherent to the process, to fears of basic math and being audited, the reasons for our April angst are varied.

But just how much do we dislike taxes and tax collectors? And does this stance affect how long we put off tax prep? In search of answers to those questions and more, WalletHub conducted a nationally representative survey of 1,000 taxpayers, asking about everything from whether they expect a refund to which divisive pop culture figures they like more and less than the IRS. Below, you can find the complete results of this survey.


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This report reflects the results of a nationally representative online survey of 1,000 individuals conducted between March 15 and March 16, 2016 in partnership with SurveyMonkey.

After all responses were collected, we normalized the data by age and gender so the panel would reflect U.S. demographics.

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