Virtual Digital Assistant Usage – Statistics And Trends

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Virtual Digital Assistant (VDA) is a software agent that assists individuals by conducting particular tasks with the ability of processing natural language. These systems are able to raise the productivity through adaptation of tasks, hence increasing the comfort and livability.

Google Assistant, Amazon Siri, and Microsoft Cortana are some honorable examples of Virtual Digital Assistant software that have somehow become the part of everyday life of many individuals.

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Advanced AI systems are referred as context aware systems that are having capabilities of adapting new things according to the need and situation of the user. The extent of sociability of these systems can be evaluated by their ability to interact with the entity.

The applications of voice search

By 2021 approximately 1.8 billion people will be taking advantage from voice search technology as these technologies have emerged from personal usage to finding their ways to the workplaces.

The estimated growth of virtual digital assistant from 2017 is forecasted to reach from 3 billion dollars to 15.79 dollars by the year 2021.

When it comes to making lives easier, 54% of people agreed that digital personal assistants are ideal for making daily tasks simple and 31% has already made these systems as a part of their daily lives.

65% of individuals make good use of the technology by utilizing it for more than one purpose.

Why people love Virtual Digital Assistant technology?

Almost half of the Virtual Digital Assistant users take the help of this technology for reading out mails, getting updated with the traffic news and also as a reminder for events.

43% of the users place online orders through this speech recognition technology and for 37% users, it is convenient for them to call a taxi or receive news for their favorite sports.

55% believe that making use of this technology has made them feel more comfortable as they are more prone towards giving voice commands than typing things up.

62% thinks that there are chances they will buy something by the use of digital assistant technology within a month and 52% of the smart technology owners like to be informed about deals, sales, coupons and brand promotions.

Similarly, 54% of the users like to order meals from their favorite restaurants and 52% considered to use these systems for personal care.

45% of the digital personal assistant owners are fond of ordering foods, beverages and other grocery items by utilizing this technology.

To be aware about upcoming events and activities, 42% of the users like to avail smart speaker technology.

For more information and stats on Virtual Digital Assistant info refer to our infographic that is compiled by Go-Gulf.

Virtual Digital Assistant Usage

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