Venture Capital: 40 People You Should Be Following On Twitter

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Here Are 40 People You Should Be Following On Twitter by Mikey Tom, PitchBook

Ten years ago today, Twitter-that online micro-blogging service people can use to tell you what they’re eating for breakfast-publicly launched. In all seriousness, the service has come a long way since then. The Arab Spring. Black Lives Matter. News of the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden. All were furthered by what initially seemed liked a trivial platform where people could pour out their half-baked thoughts.

The company itself has been through a lot in this 10-year span, too. It raised about $1 billion in venture capital, changed management countless times and raised $1.82 billion via a public offering in 2013.

With a nod to the 10th anniversary of Twitter’s public launch, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite accounts (besides ours, of course). We’ve separated them into two lists: One featuring venture capitalists, and the other a grab bag of journalists/operators/analysts/industry personalities. Give them a follow if you’re looking to add more insightful analysis, breaking news and humor to your Twitter feed.

Venture capitalists

Benedict Evans (@BenedictEvans)

Dave McClure (@DaveMcClure)

Hunter Walk (@HunterWalk)

Parker Thompson (@PT) — formerly tweeting as @StartupLJackson

Mark Suster (@MSuster)

Eileen Burbidge (@EileenTso)

Jason Lemkin (@Jasonlk)

Wayne Sutton (@WayneSutton)

Marc Andreessen (@PMarca)

Semil Shah (@Semil)

Chris Sacca (@Sacca)

Saku Panditharatne (@Sknthla)

Jason Calacanis (@Jason)

Kyle Russell (@KyleBRussell)

Chamath Palihapitiya (@Chamath)

Adam Besvinick (@Besvinick)

Josh Elman (@JoshElman)

Michael Dempsey (@MDempsey)

Ashley Mayer (@AshleyMayer)

Chris Dixon (@CDixon)


Sarah Lacy (@SarahCuda)

Connie Loizos (@Cookie)

Erin Griffith (@ErinGriffith)

Dan Primack (@DanPrimack)

Alex Wilhelm (@Alex)

Nikhil Krishnan (@Nikillinit)

Ellen Huet (@EllenHuet)

Danielle Morrill (@Danielle Morrill)

Nitasha Tiku (@NitashaTiku)

Kim-Mai Cutler (@KimMaiCutler)

Christopher Mims (@Mims)

Farhad Manjoo (@FManjoo)

Mike Isaac (@MikeIsaac)

Mathew Ingram (@MathewI)

Casey Newton (@CaseyNewton)

Tanay Jaipuria (@TanayJ)

Kara Swisher (@KaraSwisher)

Aaron Levie (@Levie)

Ryan Hoover (@RRHoover)

Wu-Tang Financial (@Wu_Tang_Finance)

Here Are 40 People You Should Be Following On Twitter

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