Use URL Uncover To Get Detailed Information About Shortened Links

Use URL Uncover To Get Detailed Information About Shortened Links

The web is full of links that take us to some good places as well as some bad places. In most cases, we don’t know where that shortened link will be taking us to.

URL Uncover protects you

So if you’re worried about harmful websites that might infect your computer with viruses or malware, or steal your personal information then you might like to give URL Uncover a try.

URL Uncover presents you with a detailed analysis of the shortened URL. The site supports over 100 different shortening sites including sites like, Linkbucks and

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Head over to this site, enter the short link and click on “Uncover” button. Once you do that, the site will do its magic and then present you with the full URL so that you can know where that short link leads to, along with any associated keywords, trust level and screenshot of the webpage. The trust level is rated by McAfee Site Advisor.


The site is designed to be responsive, which means you can give it a spin in any of the smartphones or tablet devices.  You just need to copy the URL from Twitter, Facebook, or any other app and then enter it on the site. Sure, the process is not very convenient, but it is better to take some precautionary steps than to suffer an unknown and potentially damaging outcome.

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