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Among those who prefer to use a Mac to browse the internet, work, play games, etc., there’s long been the belief that using MacOS somehow renders them impervious to the threats posed by malware and viruses. In reality, this isn’t totally accurate, Macs are more secure, but that stop unscrupulous individuals from trying. This is where the Oversight app for Mac comes in.

Oversight the Mac Alerts app

One of the biggest concerns since the dawn of the internet and then the connected age is privacy–not just privacy of a personal nature but also privacy of information, including who can see it and access it and the steps taken to secure it. Related to this is the proliferation of internet-connected devices with a camera attached, and this is where the Oversight app has been developed to help protect privacy. Users of these devices either for personal use or of a more sensitive nature fear unauthorized access to cameras and Mics.

The uncomfortable reality is that hackers all over the world are creating and selling code/software capable of invading consumer technologies. Whether it’s to eavesdrop on conversations or video surveillance or steal information, this means you do need protection.

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Mac Alerts

Unfortunately for Mac users, some of the most common infections seen include spying on users by recording audio and video. The Oversight app was designed to counter this by monitoring both the mic and webcam at all times.

According to its developer, when installed on a Mac, Oversight will alert a user to any attempt to use the camera or mic without authorization. What happens next is entirely up to the user; they can either allow or block the access. Sitting neatly in the menu bar, the app is quite informative, in that it not only alerts you but also provides you information about the process which triggered it.

Why get Oversight?

In recent comments which shocked many, FBI Director James Comey warned that all laptop and Mac users should place tape over their webcams.

While Oversight doesn’t come with tape, it will continuously monitor your Mac for malware such as OSX/Eleanor, OSX/Crisis, and OSX/Mokes and also protect a user’s privacy and information from other threats.

While Oversight is offering something that many users will think is important to have, they should not consider it a replacement for a full Mac antivirus. It should be used to complement it. Also Oversight protects a user from a malware process called piggybacking, which is the interception and recording of video and audio c via apps like Skype and FaceTime.

How to get the app

The Oversight app was developed by Ex-NSA employee Patrick Wardle and is available right now for free.

Wardle is convinced that the app will do what he created it to do. However, no software is 100% unbreakable, meaning that if someone wants something bad enough, they will get past Oversight. But if the person not an elite hacker, the app will provide an additional level of security which is time-consuming to circumvent.

You can get the app and find out more about it at the developer’s website.

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