Twitter Could Help In Solving Apple TV Login Problem

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Twitter’s password replacement tool – Digits – now supports Apple’s tvOS operating system. The tool is believed to help solve one of the biggest issues with the Apple TV, which is the repetitive process of logging into apps, says The Verge.

To save time for developers

On Wednesday, Twitter posted on its Digits blog instructions for developers who are keen to add this time-saving login interface to their tvOS apps. With the interface, developers can stop entering their addresses and passwords when logging into tvOS apps.

“Using Digits’ device authorization, your app on the Apple TV will show a short alphanumeric code,” the blog post read.

Digits-powered apps will replace all the processes with a unique code, which will have to be entered at on a phone or PC.

“Once that’s done, the TV device receives a Digits session for the user’s account which you can use to instantly identify your user and personalize their experience,” Twitter said in the blog post.

Developers can also add Twitter’s data analysis service, Crashlytics, to their apps. This will help them track the install and crash numbers.

First step from Twitter

The idea is more or less the same as was announced by Facebook last week when revealing its own SDK for tvOS. Such tools will surely save some time for users, especially for those who have long email addresses and passwords.

Apart from Twitter and Facebook, this technology is also available on other platforms. For users with the YouTube app on the Apple TV, there is an option to connect it to the user’s Google account using the same process. Android TV also uses the same login process for devices running Apple TV.

Such a login process can be viewed as a first step from Twitter as there are good chances that the micro-blogging firm is working on more tvOS SDK features. But it will be interesting to see if developers utilize these new SDKs. Apple TV still has a long way to go when it comes to overall typing experience. Promises from Apple to improve voice search and productive tools like the ones from Twitter and Facebook will surely bring some respite for users.

On Wednesday, Twitter shares closed down 0.47% at $25.41. Year to date, the stock is down by over 29%, while in the last one month, it is down by over 13%.

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