Twitter Launches Official Partner Program To Aid Advertisers

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Twitter unveiled its Official Partner Program that will see trusted third-parties facilitating ad companies in understanding Twitter data. The new program will link advertisers with data companies such as IBM, Brand Networks, Simply Measured, etc., and is aimed at helping advertisers to get the most out of their ads. Along with this program, the micro-blogging giant also introduced a website that will provide related services to advertisers.

Gnip helped Twitter to expand partners program

With the launch of the program, Twitter also specified IBM as its first official partner. Apart from IBM, there are several other data companies coming soon, including Crimson and Hexagon. Until now, Twitter categorized these firms as certified marketing-platform partners, but is now listing them as its official partners. Moreover, the micro-blogging company plans to add as many consulting companies as possible to this new program.

In a blog post, Twitter noted that these official partners can assist marketers and advertisers in enhancing their campaign performance. In addition, they can aid vendors in gauging their brand’s success, and can offer various strategies to target the market in a more effective manner.

Zach Hofer-Shall, head of Twitter’s ecosystem, pointed out that the acquisition of Gnip, a data management firm, has helped the social networking company in expanding the partners program, as the association led to strengthening of relationships with other data companies such as IBM.

IBM is Twitter’s first Official Partner

Besides the Official Partner Program, the social networking company also launched a website that will help its customers choose suitable partners. Of note, Twitter does not charge companies for giving them a partner status, but for now it is only selecting firms with which it has had a strong relationship for a while.

Since 2014, Twitter has been providing consulting services through its association with IBM. Big Blue is the first solutions provider to offer strategic understanding, consulting and analytics services to assist brands and enterprises in their marketing decisions using Twitter data. Since last October, both Twitter and IBM have educated more than 10,000 IBM employees on how to use Twitter data, and have devised a set of optimal analytics practices.

An IBM spokesperson claimed that the Twitter Official Partner Program is about utilizing data sources, and is focused on “doing something more meaningful with that data source.” The representative also csuggested that the tech giant aims to aid enterprise decisions, along with evaluating the sentiment of people towards brands.

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