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Trump’s Immigration Policy Gains Him Supporters In Italy

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FBN’s Charlie Gasparino, Ashley Webster and Deirdre Bolton on President Trump’s meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Trump’s trade and immigration policy.

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Trump's Immigration Policy Gains Him Support In Italy


Brighid is live at the White House. We are now just moments away from a joint news conference with the president of the United States Donald Trump and the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Kanté. So the reporters at the White House saw lining up for their live shots ahead of that news conference that's a very close shot of our friend John Roberts. Now we get the water look at the room. All right. We have assembled quite a panel here to talk about this over the next few minutes before the government takes to the stage. You're right. No we didn't. Charlie Prideaux who is Italian and it's just back from Italy joins us on the papillary move.

Ashley Webster who speaks with an accent that is your I'm going to give you the maloka all the panelists and adding some sanity to all this. Did your BOLT Look is who speaks French.

Oh yeah. Wow. No the pig latin the Muloki it is the Italian curse.

All right. And I don't with my family over there my mother says. It explains a lot and I never really understood it until I went over there. I family. Now they really believe in the horns and there are the horns. The Moloi when someone puts the horns on you it's very bad. You're saying they think they've got the horns and are always putting the horns on Trump or is trumping the Seahawks.

They agree on immigration though they do. He's an IT guy noting that none of the other guys the president does identify though you're a law professor assigned a law professor and very quiet and very soft spoken which is obviously more of a soft spoken lawyer but he is he came out he doesn't guy there's a legal salvo.

I will say that he was the guy I actually spent a lot of time talking to average Italians over there who thought I was Italian until the average. Well we would go shopping at the food store because I had a little villa and we would cook home. Was pretty good. So anyway you make your own. Yes I do. It's called gravy. I know that. In any event they love Trump. Every. OK. So when they help people come up to me and talk to me in Italian they find out I'm American Kersting they would say and there's about a dozen of them that did. I'd love to talk about him immigration What about sports which Starlin wrong here. Yes anti immigration sentiment is sweeping the Middle and working class it seems like it's north or south.

Yeah it seems like Italy and Hungary are really against accepting more refugees right. And then you have France and Germany that are saying OK what you should and France and Germany want to be part of the not on the front lines.

Well there's not enough to come through Italy who are having to process all of these by themselves and the fed up with it and paying right.

Italy and Italy have their data like 130 percent.

I mean this is this is the this is Italy is proof positive and we're going in that direction. What did the maximum that Milton Friedman once said you can't have open borders and a welfare state. You just cannot. I mean it's unsustainable. And that's what's going on and they have a burgeoning welfare state. They have lots and lots of poor people flock are trying to get in. You know I think they over did they have that fear to stop it.

I mean to make the American comparison but to be fair to our geography is a lot different than there is in terms of how or where we sit in North America versus where they say well yeah I mean you know they have they have potential you poor migrants coming from Africa and.

Yeah and the Middle East we have poor poor be from Latin America which we cannot afford either to maintain a welfare state. And you know I will say this I'm the grandson of immigrants. There was never a time in this country where they just let everybody in. But it was always the third and it was always based on the need for labor LSR.

Let's talk about trade a little bit as well as we wait for these two leaders to take to the lectern and podiums there at the at the White House doing this indoors not out in the in the Rose Garden but actually trade. It seems like at issue these the two of them at least versus what you might hear from President Trump and some other European leaders might be reading from the same page. It's not all about the free trade movement.

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