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The United States leads the world in the number of deaths caused by the coronavirus. Within days, the total will climb over 100,000.

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Trump's Views Covid-19 Deaths As A Badge Of Honor

On May 19th, President Donald Trump announced that “I view it as a badge of honor… It’s a great tribute to the testing and all of the work that a lot of professionals have done.”

It is certainly very surprising to find a president viewing so many deaths as a piece of good news. Well, if this is an indication of what has made America great again, then let’s see how fast the president can run up the total. Any bets on how long till we hit 200,000?

Still, the president is far too modest. Surely all those “professionals” did not get us to 100,000 completely by themselves. Clearly, the president should be credited for his slow recognition of the spread of the pandemic in our country, and his even slower response to ramp up testing. And he has only recently been given credit for his tardy imposition of social distancing being responsible for tens of thousands of deaths.

Taking Anti-Malarial Pills Has Deadly Side-Effects

Drawing upon his vast store of medical knowledge, Mr. Trump has even made a personal effort to raise our death total by encouraging Americans to take anti-Malarial pills that have deadly side-effects, and to inject themselves with cleaning fluid. Perhaps he should simply urge his legions of faithful followers to wash down these pills with Clorox.

President Trump plans to revive our economy largely by relaxing social distancing rules, while making tens of millions of Americans much more vulnerable to the virus. So, wouldn’t that be counterproductive?

Not at all! We’d actually be killing two birds with one stone. While we’re revving our economy, we’ll also be pushing up our death rate. And who knows? Perhaps sometime this fall, when our death toll approaches 200,000, our president will award us another “badge of honor.”

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