Trigger Launcher App Based On Gestures Now Available On Google Play

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Interacting with device based on gestures is nothing new, and most modern devices like smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks support gesture input. Thanks to gestures, we can easily interact with a device, without tapping on the screen or using the button input.

If you’re using an Android device, here’s a gesture based app known as Trigger, which is developed by XDA member Varience. The launcher adds a trigger icon that will always remain on top of every app, so you can easily launch Trigger and then draw the gesture to launch the pre-set action.

Trigger Launcher App Based On Gestures Now Available On Google Play

Apart from drawing gestures, you can also pull the trigger in the north, east, south, west, northeast, northwest, etc directions, and that will activate a pre-set action. This is a quick-action method and it can be set to any gesture. This quick-action can be linked to do many things such as enable/disable vibrate mode, on/off WiFi, on/off Bluetooth, Data connection on/off, and best of all, you can also use it to directly call a number, send a text message, email, open dialpad, open website, etc.

Trigger comes in two flavors; as you might have guessed, a free version named as Trigger Limited, and a full version with a price of $1.99. The free version has certain limitations like a maximum of six gestures, lack of ability to change the trigger icon and ads.

As always, you should try out the free version first, and if it suits you, then you can opt for the paid version. Trigger works on any Android device with Android 2.2 and above.

If you’re using Dolphin browser on your Android device, it also supports using gestures and you can open any website in a breeze. Finally, it seems we’re going to see more gesture based apps in the near future.

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