TouchTime Reports On How You Spend/Waste Your Time

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With only 24 hours in the day, which for most isn’t enough or sometimes feels like far too much, it’s important to balance our time and TouchTime is now here to help for users of Android smartphones with an iOS version expected withing a few weeks.

Why not manage your time with TouchTime?

While most of us have an idea where the time goes, it’s sometimes nice to have a concrete answer rather than just a perception. You would be amazed at the time we spend doing essentially time wasting activities and TouchTime makes it easy to track these and perhaps even correct bad habits once you see how much time you waste on the toilet or your local bar. Driving, sleeping and simply starting out the window can all be tracked with a few touches in the app.

Now, in order to better manage your time, you’re going to need to “waste” a bit setting up TouchTime to better serve you in the long run. That said, TouchTime has made this process as easy as possible. Start with frequent activities like the aforementioned sleeping, driving, etc. Work, working out, and other activities will ultimately be added to make the most of this time tracking application. TouchTime simply prompts you to create a specific icon for each activity. From there you need only open the app and touch it once when you start, for example, working out. Once finished, simply tap it again. If you’re going to drive home from the gym, tap your driving icon and simply remember to tap again when you’re now longer driving.

TouchTime allows for manual adjustments

From there TouchTime will do the rest and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how you’re spending your time. Certainly, at first, you’ll likely forget to stop an activity or fail to start one and the free app does allow for manual adjustments.

In order to help you set up your activities, TouchTime provides over 1000 icons to choose from and it’s likely that most of your pastimes will be represented. Within the calendar part of the app you can easily track your activities as well as make your adjustments and even see your time spent represented in a pie chart.

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