Self-Driving Cars To Kill The Pedestrian Or Harm The Driver?

Self-Driving Cars To Kill The Pedestrian Or Harm The Driver?
WDnetStudio / Pixabay

With autonomous and self-driving cars seemingly making daily strides forward and getting closer and closer to reality, moral conundrums are also arising. What should your car do in the event that all of a sudden a crowd of people ran in front of your car. Should the car plow through them knowing it was their fault to protect the driver? Or is it the car and its software’s responsibility to crash into a wall, telephone pole, or another car to avoid the unprotected crowd at the risk of the owner’s safety?

Self-Driving cars and the morality they will eschew or adhere to?

Would you get in a car that is designed to protect strangers instead of you as it pilots you to your destination? Surely you should be protected, hell, it’s your car. But then there is the guilt of surviving something that meant the lives of others. As you can see there is no easy answer, and if there is, you just may be a sociopath (we can smell our own).

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