Top Magazines You Won’t Want To Miss On Your iPhone

Top Magazines You Won’t Want To Miss On Your iPhone

Ever wanted to read a magazine on your iPhone on your way to work? How about your coffee break? Too bad there isn’t always an available copy for you to access at any given time–or is there? Since you already use the Nook app, why not check out the top women’s magazines on the NOOK reading app for iPhone. Nook’s digital newsstand actually offers a number of publications aside from novels and here are some of the top women’s magazines to check out:

  1. Real Simple – Dubbed as “the ultimate life handbook”, Real Simple is a 12 issue magazine with the theme of simplifying your life. From organizing your home to finances and holiday issues, each issue has content that covers little tips for each month. For example, you’ll find various recipes to try out for upcoming dinner parties and flower options for Mother’s Day. Real Simple is a perfect coffee break read on your iPhone’s reading app.
  1. Woman’s World – Now if you’re the type of woman that wants to be updated often, you can’t go wrong with Woman’s World. Woman’s World takes us from the common monthly subscription magazines to a weekly heartwarming read, hitting the stands are your local store 50 times each year. Find recipes, home organization tips, current hot topic discussions and horoscopes in every issue. Count on this magazine to be of no less quality than those with monthly issues.
  1. InStyle – InStyle celebrates the human side of public faces and brings you 13 issues every year. Check out how stars style their own wardrobes and how they feel about the latest trends in the fashion industry. If a guide to how and what to wear doesn’t sound appealing to you, InStyle also leaves much room for inspiration and ideas to style your own outfits by showcasing essential pieces styled in different outfits.
  1. Cooking Light – If you’re a master chef in the making–this magazine is made for you. Covering all your cooking adventures for all 12 months of the year, Cooking Light hits us up with healthy and delicious recipes with every issue. Cooking Light is one of the most frequently read cooking magazines in the US and there is definitely a reason for it. For the women that have little time to cook, Cooking Light provides some speedy scores and tips to whipping up a meal in no time at all.
  1. Vogue – This fashion and lifestyle magazine is inspired by the word “style” in French. If you’ve ever read “The Devil Wears Prada” you’ll know that the story originated from a woman that worked as a personal assistant to the then Editor-in-Chief of Now doesn’t the backstory make having a look at this magazine slightly more intriguing? Arguably one of the most influential fashion magazines, Vogue brings us the runway and high fashion that we wouldn’t otherwise wear.
  2. Cosmopolitan – Famous for its upbeat and fun style, Cosmopolitan is a hit for both teens and younger women. Hitting us with 12 monthly issues a year, the magazine gives us everything from celebrity gossip to discussions of nontraditional relationship problems–not to mention some fun advice columns to help you ladies out. As a young woman looking to dish at some pop culture trends and regular entertainment, check out the Cosmopolitan for your latest fix. Who doesn’t want to know what that 5-minute flat abs workout is all about?
  1. Prevention – Whether you’re a long time fitness guru or just hoping to start exercising again, Prevention is a go to read for the health conscious woman. Each monthly issue includes articles on healthy weight loss solutions so that you can mix and match to create the one that fits your lifestyle best. And what would Prevention magazine be without regular tips on disease prevention. In this magazine, find expert advice on diets, nutrition and fitness for both you and your friends and family.
  1. Elle – Elle is your one stop shop for beauty, fashion and entertainment news. This monthly issue magazine is chick lit and features topics affecting women at all stages of their lives. Health, politics, career and romance–what more does one coffee break need?
  1. All You – Are you just starting out at your first real job out of college or saving up for a long vacation in beach paradise? All You is a monthly magazine for the value conscious woman. Every issue offers money saving tips, affordable recipes and fashion styles for all budgets and body types. All You also brings in readers for real discussion on how to save so you can get advice from each other. The bonus? All You offers coupons you can’t say no to. This magazine is full value for your time guaranteed.
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