Top 10 best countries for working abroad in 2019

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It’s not just corporate employees who relocate to other countries for work. Many others, such as remote workers and freelancers, have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, and they take full advantage of the flexibility. There are an estimated 57 million expats around the world. Here we take a look at the top 10 best countries for working abroad. You’d want to check out the list if you plan to work in other countries for a few years.

The global community InterNations has released the results of its annual Expat Insider 2019 survey. A key part of the survey was the Working Abroad Index. To compile the Working Abroad Index, InterNations collected data from more than 20,000 members across 187 countries.

They asked participants to rate their satisfaction on a scale of 1 (very bad) to 7 (very good) in three different subcategories: work & leisure, economy & job security, and career prospects & satisfaction. The Working Abroad Index highlights where expats are the happiest in terms of career prospects, job security, and work-life balance.

Before we look at the top 10 best countries for working abroad, you should know that the US ranked 40th on the list. A large number of expats working in the United States are not satisfied with the work-life balance and their careers.

10- Israel

Israel is the 10th best country if you want to work abroad. As per the Expat Insider 2019 survey, 78% participants were satisfied with their jobs, 73% are optimistic about the Israeli economy, and 68% are happy with their work-life balance. Tel Aviv is one of the world’s best startup cities. Israel is home to many of the world’s most innovative startups.

9- Panama

Expats living in Panama have praised the South American country for its great work-life balance. Earlier this year, The Gallup 2019 Global Emotions Poll ranked Panama the 2nd most positive country in the world. According to the Working Abroad Index, 78% expats are happy with their work-life balance, 73% are satisfied with their job security and working hours, and 76% are generally happy with their jobs.

8- Taiwan

Taiwan is the world’s best destination for expats, but it slipped to 8th place when it comes to working abroad. The Asian nation offers a high quality of life and affordable healthcare. Expats in Taiwan are satisfied with the quality of medical care and their personal safety. In terms of work, 73% survey participants said they were optimistic about the country’s economy, 70% were satisfied with their working hours, and 69% were happy with their work-life balance.

7- Estonia

This Northern European nation is one of the best places for foreign workers. An impressive 79% expats said they were happy with their working hours, 78% were positive about the economy, 75% praised it for the work-life balance, and 67% were generally happy with their jobs. Estonia has often been described as the Baltic Tiger because of its rapid economic growth.

6- Norway

Norway is one of the world’s happiest, healthiest, and most gender-equal countries. The Scandinavian nation ranked near the top in terms of job security, work-life balance, and the state of the economy. But only 53% expats living in Norway are happy with their career prospects. The cost of living is also relatively high in Norway.

5- The Netherlands

Expats in the Netherlands are happy with their quality of life and work life. But the Expat Insider 2019 survey found that expats struggle to settle in the country. They are also not so happy with their personal finances and the high cost of living. The survey found that 89% expats were positive about the state of the economy, 74% were happy with their working hours, and 73% were satisfied with their work-life balance.

4- Germany

Germany ranks near the top in terms of job security and the state of the economy. About 72% expats are satisfied with their working hours. But Germany is even more difficult to settle in than the Netherlands, says the Expat Insider 2019 survey. Expats are also not happy with the country’s digital infrastructure. It’s difficult to pay for things if you are not carrying cash. Expats have also criticized its poor phone reception and slow Internet connectivity.

3- Luxembourg

Luxembourg has remained among the top 10 best countries for working abroad since InterNations started publishing the Expat Insider survey six years ago. It has the highest per capita GDP in the European Union. The country offers a high quality of life and excellent healthcare facilities. About 96% survey participants were optimistic about the economy and 74% were satisfied with their jobs. But the ridiculously high cost of living remains a problem for expats.

2- Czech Republic

The Czech Republic retains its position among the top three for the third consecutive year. The country ranked near the top in every subcategory InterNations considered for the survey – career prospects, job satisfaction, job security, state of the economy, and work-life balance. The Czech Republic is also far more affordable than other European countries on this list.

1- Vietnam

Vietnam has been named the world’s best country for working abroad. Back in 2014, it was ranked 32nd, but the country has risen consistently over the last few years. There are tons of job opportunities in the South Asian nation. Vietnam is also known for its beautiful beaches and rich history. Vietnam received high marks in work-life balance, the state of the economy, job security, career prospects, and job satisfaction.

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