The Ideal Galaxy Note 6 Spec Wish List

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Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy Note 6 later this year, and this will undoubtedly be one of the most anticipated mobile devices of 2016. The Galaxy Note series has been particularly acclaimed in recent years, with Samsung impressing both critics and consumers with the high-spec phablet. But Samsung fans will be hoping for even more from the Galaxy Note 6 when it hits the stores, so what can be included on a realistic wish list for the device?

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 specifications – 4K resolution

Absolutely top of the list in many people’s opinion will be the introduction of 4K resolution to the Galaxy Note range. It has been anticipated for some time that Samsung would produce a 4K resolution smartphone, and it seems likely that the Galaxy Note 6 will finally be this device. 4K resolution is now going mainstream, with broadcasters producing 4K content, and Apple releasing a smaller 4K resolution iMac.

Considering that Samsung has become particularly associated with outstanding display technology, it would make sense for the Korean corporation to include a 4K display in the Galaxy Note 6, and this innovation is indeed widely anticipated by analysts.


Samsung could possibly increase the display size in the Galaxy Note 6 over its predecessors, ensuring that the 4K resolution display is even more attractive for consumers. This could even be achieved by slimming down the bezels included in the handset, ensuring that what is already a large device doesn’t become unnecessarily unwieldy.


Samsung already arms the Galaxy Note series with more storage than its flagship Galaxy S range, but the optimistic fan of Android devices could hope for the Korean corporation to increase it further still. Considering that the Galaxy Note 5 features a premium storage model with 128GB of memory, this would suggest that a 256GB variant could be possible. This could be achieved via micro SD as an optional extra should Samsung wish to reduce production costs.

USB Type-C

The Galaxy Note 5 featured Micro USB, but the introduction of USB type-C would certainly be a welcome innovation. This reversible USB technology is particularly flexible, and Apple has indeed already introduced it into the iPhone range.


If Samsung is looking to deliver the slickest phablet possible with the Galaxy Note 6, it should particularly concentrate on the amount of RAM memory available. The 4GB included in the Galaxy Note 5 was certainly welcome, but the ideal scenario would see Samsung doubling this to 8GB with the Galaxy Note 6. This would certainly be a lofty figure for the phablet, considering the 4GB of RAM memory that was included in the Galaxy Note 5. Shrewder analysts tend to believe that 6GB of memory is more likely, but there is no point in having a wish list in which we lower our expectations!


Again, some reports have suggested that Samsung could really attempt to blow away the competition and include a 30-megapixel snapper in the Galaxy Note 6. This certainly seems unlikely considering recent reports on the Galaxy S7, which suggest that the device will downgrade the megapixel rating from the previous iteration in the series. But users of the flagship phablet from Samsung would undoubtedly love to see a megapixel increase, so why not wish for the most radical increase that has been reported?


Regardless of whether Samsung increases the megapixel quotient in the Galaxy Note 6, there is no doubt that fans of mobile photography would love to see this innovative technology included. BRITECELL makes it easier to take photographs in low-light shooting conditions, which is already anticipated to give the Galaxy S7 a significant advantage over competitors. It would seem to be logical to include this technology in the Galaxy S6 as well, regardless of any proposed megapixel increase.


The Galaxy Note 5 professed to be an octa-core smartphone, yet it in fact ran off a quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 bundle coupled with a quad-core 2.1 GHz Cortex-A57. Fans of the Samsung range would surely love to see a true octa-core device released this time out, with an even more powerful processor.

It will be interesting to see whether Samsung opts for its own proprietary Exynos technology when the Galaxy Note 6 is released, and indeed whether the Galaxy S7 provides us any clues earlier this year. It seems unlikely that Samsung will manufacture versions with both its own technology and the Qualcomm Snapdragon when the Galaxy S7 hits the stores, and this policy is highly likely to be mirrored for the Galaxy Note 6. Whether or not this would bother western consumers is debatable, but one suspects that many would prefer to see the Exynos unit retained.

Fast charging

Samsung has demoed its fast charging technology in several trade shows, but this has yet to be introduced to any of its practical real-world products. We don’t yet know whether this will be practical in the Galaxy Note 6, but there’s no doubt that consumers of the device would love to see it included.


The Galaxy S7 is already being linked with a significantly larger battery life than previous iterations of the series, and it would be excellent if Samsung also chose to provide the Galaxy Note 6 with a bigger cell. A 4,200 mAh battery would be desirable, and it would be even more attractive if Samsung ensured that it was removable and replaceable.

3D Touch rival

It has also been widely reported that Samsung is considering introducing its own 3D Touch-like system when the Galaxy S7 is released. This pressure-sensitive technology was popular in the iPhone range last year, and there is no doubt that Samsung will want to close the gap on Apple as quickly as possible. So we could see the reported ClearForce system being introduced to the Galaxy Note 6, ensuring that this device can be operated by pressing the screen alone.

Other features

Samsung’s long mooted foldable display, the inclusion of sapphire glass, more color options, a fingerprint scanner, retina or iris eye scanner and dustproofing and waterproofing are all desirable features that could also be included.

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