Galaxy Note 6: specs, features, release date [RUMOR]

Galaxy Note 6: specs, features, release date [RUMOR]
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Samsung is expected to reveal the Galaxy Note 6 sometime next year, and this will be a major product for the Korean corporation. Increasingly, in recent years, the Galaxy Note range has actually received a stronger reception from the public that the flagship Galaxy S series. This has resulted in the Galaxy Note handset becoming more of a priority for Samsung, and it is certain that this process will continue when the Galaxy Note 6 is released.

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With the Galaxy Note 6 expected during the third quarter of 2016, there are no exact specifications available for the handset at the time of writing. But the Korean corporation is presently working on developing the device internally, and this has led to numerous rumours emerging in the media over the last couple of months.

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Galaxy Note 6 laptop capabilities

The latest of these suggests that the Galaxy Note 6 may be an unusual hybrid of smartphone and laptop. This would be indicative of a general trend towards ever larger and more powerful mobile devices, as consumers demand more computing power from their smartphone handsets. And a new report from Patently Mobile suggests that Samsung has submitted a new patent which showcases the intentions and capabilities of the forthcoming Galaxy Note 6.

According to the patent in question, the Galaxy Note 6 will come complete with a new so-called “phablet dock”. This new technology will somewhat resemble a laptop, as it will be fitted with a screen and keyboard. Once the Galaxy Note 6 has been successfully docked, it will automatically switch from the usual Android operating system to a more traditional Windows 10 setup. From this point onwards, it will then be possible to utilize the Galaxy Note 6 as a laptop as opposed to merely a smartphone.

This is an extremely interesting suggestion, and indicates the extent to which smartphones are having to deliver flexibility. It is no longer good enough for a smartphone to greet the market with a surfeit of typical functions, increasingly even the biggest players in the niche are having to innovate significantly with their most famous product lines.

The trend for technological innovation can perhaps be attributed to the fact that the smartphone marketplace is experiencing stilted growth. It is noticeable that Apple has opted for an advertising campaign for its recent iPhone 6s that focuses on the extent to which it differs from previous Apple releases. This is seemingly a direct response to the perception that the iPhone 6s is little more than an upgrade from last year’s iPhone 6, and in reality offers very little that could be described as genuinely new.

Dual-operating system innovation

With regard to the Galaxy Note 6, opting for a dual-operating system would certainly be a major innovation. This is something that has not been successfully achieved in the smartphone market before, and it would certainly be a massive technological undertaking for the Korean consumer electronics giant to achieve this now.

Other reports suggest that the Galaxy Note 6 will be replete with other surprises as well. Recent reports suggest that the RAM memory and processor will power the laptop, an innovation that is becoming increasingly feasible as smartphones become faster and more powerful. Mid-range smartphones offer specifications in the range of 3GB of RAM with powerful processors now in the position to seriously rival laptops for processing capability. This means that smartphones can now gain access to an entirely new portfolio of features and functions.

The impact of gaming on smartphones cannot be underestimated, with some of the highest-end titles on smartphone platforms now having particularly demanding power requirements. With the Galaxy Note 6 expected to become one of – if not the most – powerful devices on the market, there is no question that it would have the ability to rival laptop computers.

Analysts are suggesting that this proposed laptop can be considered very much a shell for the Galaxy Note 6 device, with the smartphone itself acting as the main processing unit. But it is still a very interesting suggestion, and one that would lend a lot of credibility to the Galaxy Note 6 release if it is executed successfully.

Increasingly, phablets are being sold as a productivity devices, and even the iPad Pro release from Apple was very much aimed at the business community. While the retail and consumer aspects of smartphones remain incredibly important, manufacturers are eyeing the business community as a growth engine for both smartphones and tablet computers.

Samsung clearly hopes that including this laptop capability in the Galaxy Note 6 will enable the device to have a serious edge over the iPhone 7 Plus. This is a battle that the Korean corporation has been losing in recent years, but the laptop innovation could be the sort of killer app that could play a serious role in redressing the balance.

New processor

Elsewhere, it is reported that the Galaxy Note 6 could contain a 16-core processor. This would fit in with the general Samsung policy of packing its devices with the highest specifications possible. 4K resolution is a distinct possibility for the screen of the Galaxy Note 6, while the device has also been linked in some quarters with a rear-facing camera of a staggering 30-megapixel scope.

It has also been suggested that Samsung will increase the screen size of the Galaxy Note 6 still further, possibly making it in excess of 6-inches. This could require a significant redesign of the Galaxy Note 6 in order to ensure that the already hefty device is not made larger. All major smartphone manufacturers are facing a balancing act between the demand for larger and more detailed displays, and the desire for compact and easily transportable devices.

The Galaxy Note 6 will be one of the major mobile releases of 2016, and based on early expectations related to their device it could be one of the biggest pieces of news to reach the mobile marketplace in recent years.

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  1. Highly doubt the windows 10 bit. They’ve got chrome os, which google would be desperate to develop further into a mainstream product. Also, the whole laptop capabilities is theoretically possible in hardware, but to adjust the software on such a bold move is not a healthy corporate move. Samsung made a similar product where a tablet made phone calls but that didn’t catch on because clearly, the consumer still differentiates between a phone and a laptop.

  2. It could have been easier for them to run a dual-boot of win 10, or microsoft could be offering them a sweet deal. This -is- anywhere from 7-10 months away from release. So it’s at least another 3 months, maybe 4 before manufacturing starts on the finalized prototype, if not the final versions. Software changes can occur much faster than hardware.

  3. You think that they would make it a chrome based OS. Which would work great with Android….. Side , teachers could use the phablet as a phone then slide it into the laptop and work with all the students in class…. Or anyone else for that matter.

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