The Average Cost Per Square Foot Of Property In Each State

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  • Hawaii is the state where homebuyers would spend the most on a square foot of property, with each square foot costing an average of $694
  • California and Massachusetts rank second and third respectively
  • Montana, Oregon and New York also make the top ten

A new study has revealed how much a square foot of property costs in each state.

The Cost Of A Square Foot Of Property In Each State

The research, conducted by, analyzed average property sizes across each state as well as the average property prices to determine which state has the most expensive and most affordable cost per square foot.


The research revealed that Hawaii has the most expensive cost per square foot of property at $694. This is because of the average house price in Hawaii is $850,000 (the highest average property price in any state) while the average house size is 1,248 square feet.


The state with the second highest cost per square foot of property is California, where a square foot costs an average of $425.55. The average house price in California is $774,500 while the average size is 1,820 square feet.

Massachusetts and New York

Massachusetts and New York rank third and fourth respectively. House prices in Massachusetts average at $799,000 with an average size of 1,914 square feet, meaning the cost per square foot is $417.45, while in New York the cost per square foot is $416.33 due to an average house price of $654,475 and size of 1,572 square feet.

Rhode Island

Rounding out the top five is Rhode Island. Rhode Island has the fifth smallest property size out of all fifty states at 1,648 square feet and an average house price of $537,000 – equating to $325.85 per square foot.


Washington state ranks sixth overall with a price per square foot of $315.38 while New Jersey ranks seventh with a square foot of property costing $310.26.


Montana has the eighth-highest cost per square foot of property at $309.35. Montana has the fourth highest property prices in America with an average of $675,000 and an average size of 2,182 square feet.

Oregon and Colorado

Oregon and Colorado round out the top ten, ranking ninth and tenth respectively. In Oregon, homebuyers can expect to pay an average of $302.36 per square foot because $579,925 is the average property price with an average size of 1,918 square feet. Colorado has a slightly lower average price per square foot at $287.11 with home prices being $649,450 and the third largest home size of 2,262 square feet.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson for said: “When looking for a new home there are many things to consider, the local area, distance to loved ones, work opportunities, and more.

However, the size of a home may be one of the most important factors, especially considering more people are working remotely. This study offers a fascinating insight into the states that offer the best value prices for space in a property, offering any potential homebuyers a clearer vision as to what a home in each state can provide.”

What is the average cost per square foot of property in each state?

RankStatePrice per square foot ($)
1 Hawaii 681.0
2 California 425.55
3 Massachusetts 417.45
4 New York 416.33
5 Rhode Island 325.85
6 Washington 315.38
7 New Jersey 310.26
8 Montana 309.35
9 Oregon 302.36
10 Colorado 287.11
11 New Hampshire 278.31
12 Florida 278.10
13 Idaho 262.82
14 Maine 261.59
15 Connecticut 260.28
16 Arizona 252.78
17 Nevada 246.07
18 Utah 239.14
19 Vermont 234.88
20 Delaware 226.86
21 Alaska 225.15
22 Maryland 223.45
23 Virginia 218.00
24 Tennessee 211.36
25 Wisconsin 207.64
26 North Carolina 202.96
27 Minnesota 200.66
28 South Dakota 199.99
29 Wyoming 199.46
30 Iowa 195.81
31 New Mexico 191.43
32 Texas 189.30
33 Illinois 183.20
34 South Carolina 182.87
35 Georgia 181.00
36 Michigan 180.30
37 Pennsylvania 174.65
38 Alabama 168.29
39 Nebraska 168.25
40 Missouri 165.76
41 Oklahoma 162.33
42 North Dakota 161.89
43 Kentucky 159.50
44 Indiana 154.63
45 Louisiana 152.44
46 Arkansas 152.00
47 Kansas 150.37
48 Ohio 147.73
49 Mississippi 142.00
50 West Virginia 133.72