The 5 Keys To Mastery

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The 5 Keys To Mastery

In the documentary of The 5 Keys to Mastery, author George Leonard explores the personality traits and mental attitudes that help people in different fields of expertise reach the top, and how one can train oneself to succeed. In this interview, there are interviews with various successful people who offer their own perspectives, including Carlos Santana, B.B. King, Linus Torvalds, Julius Axelrod, Wendy Rieger, and more. I believe that it is highly relevant to us all be it whether we have a passion in investing or any other fields. I have compiled a short summary of some of the useful excepts for each factor.

The 5 Keys To Mastery Surrender to your passion

I say most of the population, they can’t even get the first key, which is figuring out what they love. Figuring out what it is you want to do with your life. Because basically what you do as a career is most of your waking hours. It defines you.

You got to take a chance, you got to jump and risk falling on your face and you have to have experience to know that if you fall on your face, you’ll be ok.

It’s a wonderful thing, I am enormously grateful and feel privileged to get the novel prize, but I did not enter science to get the nobel prize, it is something that comes along the way. In my life, really, my professional life is doing science and it gives me enormous pleasure.

The 5 Keys To Mastery Practice. Practice. Practice.

You got to be willing to spend most of your time on a plateau where you don’t seem to be learning very much, a long time. Now then after a long time of plateau, you suddenly get better, you’re suddenly making great improvements.

“How much a day do you sit and think about the problem?” Well it depends on if there’s an interview going on. (chuckles) You think of it when you shower, when you shave, so I mean I’ve no idea. I don’t sit down, I’m going to think now. It’s a little like being a parent, its a reflex.

The important thing is to take your idea seriously, to try to develop them in your own head, to be critical about not to fall in love with your ideas, because most ideas turn out to be wrong. But I think one has to get pleasure out of the moment to moment aspects of the career. The rest takes care of itself.

The 5 Keys To Mastery Getting a Good Guide

As Tony Bennett says, “If you take from one person, it’s called stealing. If you take from many, it’s called research.” My father was my first teacher. My father taught me charisma just by being around him, because people really adore my dad. My mum had conviction, just raw conviction. So I put it all together, it was just a matter of to take what you need from BB King, Peter Green, or Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, all the Kings and then once you take everything from them then you spend time in the dark shedding yourself away from them.

Take anything that happens, no matter how bad in your life and find a way to use that to grow with.

The 5 Keys To Mastery Visualise the Outcome

Basically, you now think in the present. You don’t wish I want to do this but it is. When I go to my castings, I already see myself as doing the job.

What do we really intend and a lot of it is mental, a lot of it is imaging and so forth.

I kind of have a notion of where I want to take it but its not, not like a final blueprint. I don’t actually really know and quite often the notion is pretty fuzzy. It’s like I have a general feel for what direction I want to take things in.

I visualise it exactly as if it is happening now and not like I like to see this happen. I literally visualise, it’s like I put myself in a meditative state and I actually see it exactly the way I want it to go down and pretty much it goes down the way I visioned it. You have to visualise it as if its a done deal.

The more you are prepared, the luckier you will get.

The 5 Keys To Mastery Play the Edge

You think about the character’s greatest fear is, and you think about that character’s greatest dream and hope is and it is like the wheel of the car, right left – between the greatest fear and greatest hope and you try to keep on the road.

Each of us potentially is a genius. Each of us is unique in the entire universe. Each of us is more complex, more highly organised, more beautifully organised than the physical known universe.

There has been times when I thought there won’t be anything stopping me. When I felt like I can do anything that you wanted me to do. I don’t mean that in a cocky way, I just mean the sense that when the puzzle pieces is falling together, you just feel like you’re on top of the world once so many of your goals are coming together at the same time and you’re having fun doing it.

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