Tesla To Open Its First Store In Boston

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Tesla Motors is planning to open a store in the city of Boston. This store will be the first from Tesla in the city and the third of its kind in the Bay State. It will be used to show off the company’s vehicles.

Tesla expands its presence to Boston

A Tesla spokeswoman said in an email to Biz Journals that the company is excited to have a larger presence in Boston, and in the next few weeks, the store will host an “opening event.” The spokeswoman gave no further details on the retail store.

The store will be located in Copley Place in Boston’s Back Bay, but the exact timeline of its opening is not known for now. Massachusetts already has two Tesla stores – one in Natick and another in Dedham. It has a service center as well in Watertown. Tesla plans to open more stores over the next two years in Massachusetts, a company spokesman recently told the Boston Herald.

Supercharger in Denton

In December 2014, the EV firm was operating 159 sales and service centers around the world and at the same time offered 380 charging stations to car owners around North America, Europe and Asia. For fulfilling electric vehicle (EV) recharging needs, Tesla is constantly working on expanding its Supercharging network across the U.S. and international regions. And now Tesla is expected to open its first high-power Supercharger in Rayzor Ranch in Denton, Tex.

According to a report from the Denton Record-Chronicle, the city already has EV recharging stations in many places, but the Supercharger will be the fastest of all and will be operational from as of Nov. 1. In just 30 minutes, Tesla’s EV batteries will get sufficient power from the Supercharger so they can travel 170 miles, while on the other hand, most charging stations are able to provide only 13-35 miles of charging over the same time. The EV firm needs to expand its charging network, even more so after the launch of the long–awaited Model X.

Tesla recently launched the Model X, its first SUV with some amazing features. The SUV comes with rear falcon-wing doors, which open upwards. The driver’s door of the SUV opens and closes on its own when the driver approaches and enters the car.

On Friday, Tesla shares closed up 2.58% at $227.01. Year to date, the stock is up by over 2%, while in the last three months, shares are down by over 17%.

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