Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) To Get Connectivity Support From TeliaSonara

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Swedish telecom operator TeliaSonera AB (STO:TLSN) collaborated with Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) to provide connectivity in Tesla Motor’s Model S vehicles to customers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Latvia, announced the telecom firm on Wednesday.

“Tesla’s Model S demonstrates that connected cars provide an improved driving experience and more cost efficient cars by smart maintenance and management of connectivity,” says Hans Dahlberg, Head of TeliaSonera.

Collaboration will boost Tesla’s efforts for better connectivity

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) will benefit from this collaboration, helping in its efforts to optimize the process of integrating and managing connectivity to its electronic vehicles. The car is equipped with new features giving a whole new experience while driving. It has a host of connected features like remote vehicle diagnostics, internet radio and web browsing, and can easily be accessed through a 17” touchscreen and continually improved through remote software upgrades.

TeliaSonera is committed to offer M2M services to Model S customers with better mobile connectivity, and offering many features through 17” touchscreen. Various features like digital instrument cluster, steering wheel controls, media, communications, cabin controls and vehicle data will be accessible through the touchscreen.

Collaboration to result in more informed drivers

Additionally, through the connectivity provided by TeliaSonera the information about the car’s safety, security and performance can be tracked and transferred to the driver from a remote area. Also, the staff of Tesla will get to know the real time information about the potential issues and parts that are needed to be replaced before the customer visits the service centre.

Driver will be conveyed when the car needs servicing through the touch screen. “Maintenance of the Model S is further improved by frequent remote upgrades to the car’s software. Software of the Model S is upgraded on regular basis for up to date maintenance,” said the Swedish firm.

Tesla shares reviving

Safety of Model S has been in questions after the three accidents occurred where the Model S caught fire after drivers hitting some material on the road. NHTSA authorities are investigating the matter to know what caused the fire.

Shares of Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) are reviving from the dip after the company was defended by the CEO Elon Musk following the third Model S fire accident. Stocks have gained almost 5% after dropping last week due to the accident news.

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